Does zyrtec work for hives?

Well, well, well, looks like hives have taken over someone’s body. How sad! But let’s not dwell on the past too much; instead, let’s hop right into one of the magic bullets for itching: Zyrtec. Some people swear by this medication while others claim it is as effective as a placebo. So where does truth lie?

Let us investigate further.

A Brief Overview

In case you’re not familiar with hives (urticaria), they happen to quite often out of nowhere and can be triggered due to various reasons such as:

  • Medications
  • Food Allergies
  • Stress
  • Infections

If you’ve ever had hives before or are going through it at the moment, then you know that scratching only causes more irritation and agony than relief.

And if left untreated or ignored for too long, these rashes could progress into something worse like an allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis which most certainly should never be swept under the rug(1).

So what can we do when faced with this monstrous malady? Enter antihistamines!

What Are Antihistamines?

According to our highly trusted source (Wikipedia), antihistamines are drugs “that treat allergic rhinitis & other allergies.” These medications basically counter-effect histamine production in your system causing symptoms like runny nose/eyes and itchiness(2) .

That being said – they don’t cure allergies per se but rather manage allergy symptoms . Hence why many physicians prescribe oral anti-histamine remedies such as Zyrtec and Claritin which belong to class two-their generation has been developed().

For now; however- we will focus simply on Zyrtec aka Cetirizine Hydrochloride!

So how does it work exactly?

Well, after being ingested, Zyrtec goes into your liver and are broken down by CYP3A4. It then binds to histamine receptors blocking the release of histamines which in turn reduces allergy symptoms.()

Another helpful bonus is that it has a long half-life – around 8 hours). Meaning you won’t have to pop another pill within six-twelve hr window () .

So if you’ve got hives rearing their ugly head , taking two tablets daily can potentially bring relief.

However; does this mean everyone who takes Zyrtec will experience full-blown healing from the discomforting rash? Let’s dive in.

The Effectiveness Debate

Zyrtec catered for individuals from ages +6 but both (1) adult and children dosages may differ depending on weight/age .

Many people vouch by its effectiveness for treating allergic reactions including hives () ; with some even claiming there is no other solution worth mentioning when faced with these itchy bumps().

Hmm.. Interesting. However let us also consider scientific data alongside public opinion –

Studies that show YES:

  • In a study done in France over two weeks span ; 92% participants who were given cetirizine reported diminishing of their urticarial reaction compared to only 52 percent receiving placebo(5), therefore working significantly better than placebo.

  • A double-blind research conducted outside US discovered antihistamine-class medicine such as Zyrtec relieves itching brought on by internal or external stimuli'(6).

Seems like hard-to-ignore statistics!!

But what about the ones claiming NO?

Sadly, nothing works like magic all the time especially not when dealing with medications , each one reacts differently based upon individual genetic make-up().

Hence while certain sources claim conventional OTC drugs barely worked for them against itching Hest likely due to differing allergies too much strain so one size does not always fit even majority seems satisfied with it still vs without any medicines.

Despite this, various Research departments and Doctors- conducted surveys depicting treated subjects -showing cetirizine amongst more helpful over other forms of H1 blockers() .

Possible Side Effects to Watch Out For

Before opting for Zyrtec or any new medication for that matter; make an appointment with your doctor who can prescribe you the milligrams needed (). But also, let’s not forget some common side-effects possibility:

  • This medication should only be taken when necessary as zyrtec-pills consumption may lead to migraines , dry mouth/skin/eyes or difficulty concentrating().

  • Though rare but there is a possibility of aggravating inflammation leading to increased symptoms. So if ever experience trouble breathing facial/tongue-inflammation go straight E.R no waiting around! ()

And lest we forget why too much intake could become problematic-

  • At higher doses than advised, excessive diphenhydramine which causes hallucinations was seen prevailing accompanied by confusion.()

Moral: When in doubt consults your physician!

The Bottom Line

Zyrtec surfacing from all the studies out there has proven itself most effective antihistamine prescription-wise versus other regular class meds underlining its significantly consistent tolerance throughout years according to reports data though everyone settles differently. Thus although works wonders against tough allergies’ hives specifically while less-hazardous alternatives include pills like Claritin these stats say something especially when desperate during urticaria bouts

Allergic reactions differ among us because our genetics play a huge role here so If you’ve gone through an unpleasant reaction resulting in rash and irritation ,consulting your attending pediatrician/general practitioner is best shot at figuring out what option suits well as well-dosed recommended levels.

So remember folks – don’t just pop any pill on whimmed up need; consult your doctor for the possible medication to help alleviate difficult allergies.

Stay healthy!

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