Does zinc oxide shrink hemorrhoids?

Have you been struggling with hemorrhoids and wondering if zinc oxide could help alleviate the pain? Or are you simply curious about the science behind this claim? Look no further, my dear friend, as we dive into the world of hemorrhoid-shrinking zinc oxide!

What are Hemorrhoids?

Before delving into how much relief zinc oxide can provide for your swelling buns, let’s understand what hemorrhoids are. Hemorrhoids, also known as piles in some circles, refer to enlarged veins in and around the anus and lower rectum that swell due to pressure or friction. There are two main types:
– Internal: Inside the anus or lower rectum
– External: Outside of the anal opening

The sight of having a huge-ass hard lump near your sphincter is not only uncomfortable but downright embarrassing! And it happens more frequently than you think! So let’s get into whether applying some zinc paste down there can help us out.

Zinc Oxide to The Rescue?

Zinc Oxide is an essential mineral found naturally in trace amounts in foods such as meat, beans, nuts & seeds. It has many health benefits such as aiding wound healing, reducing inflammation & bacterial growth [1]. Now here comes our point of discussion – As per old-age ignorance passed on for generations by word-of-mouth (before Google), people have been using Zinc oxide topically on their ‘roids’ in hopes that it will reduce swelling, irritation & aid recovery. But wait…Does it actually work?

Practicing healthy self-care strategies like drinking plenty of fluids daily while avoiding constipation-causing foods such as milk products combined with consuming fiber-rich whole grains spinach&figs(Yes-like Mr Kipling adverts) is crucial when dealing with painful poops.

If these lifestyle modifications fail at preventing excessive straining which can cause hemorrhoids, we need an external solution. That’s where Zinc oxide comes in handy.

How Does It Work?

Zinc oxide works as a vasoconstrictor [2] and has mild antiseptic properties which make it especially useful for treating sore bungus. The active ingredient narrows blood vessels, lowers inflammation & prevents breakdown of the skin barrier while fighting off harmful bacteria that might stimulate further irritation at the anus region.

However, one caveat is that zinc oxide only addresses the symptoms of hemorrhoids but does not necessarily treat their root cause ( i.e constipation or poor potty habits). If you’re experiencing hemorrhoids frequently despite using zinc-oxide etc for symptom relief after trying out healthy bowel movements , get checked by your doctor ASAP!

Once again – Zinc oxide application to our whacked-out buttholes can immensely help reduce symptoms like itching & discomfort associated with prolapsed hemmies. Vitamin A&D supplements added along with Zinc have also proven beneficial when combating fanny trauma caused by pooping troubles

How To Use It

Ready to apply some goop down there? Great! Ensure you follow these recommended steps:

1.Cleanse And Dry Your Bottom.
Wash your tush thoroughly with warm water and mild soap before drying it gently.

2.Coat With A Thin Layer Of Zinc Oxide.
Using clean hands or gloves if you prefer, apply a thin layer of paste made from zinc oxide ointment on any external piles whilst ensuring none gets inside the anus itself (use special applicator for internal ones)

3.Repeat As Necessary Throughout The Day.
Depending on severity-Ideally after each bowel movement; and whenever excessive itchiness recurs

4.Combined With Healthy Habits For Maximum Effectiveness
You’re done moisturizing your butt-cheeks some smack! Pump up its effectivity by practising proper hygiene standards coupled alongside non-binding clothes & increased consumption of water-rich foods like papayas, cucumbers,Tiramisu etc

Risks and Side Effects

Using Zinc oxide isn’t likely to cause any major side effects. However some possible ones may include:

  • Irritation: Incorporating ointments with other chemicals that can irritate the skin if you have sensitive-type area covered in sweat&squeezed against clothing;

  • Allergic Reactions: Anyone who’s allergic or previously experienced breakouts from applying it for example zinc jewellery should consult their doctor before using topicals;

  • Staining,Fortunately this is more associated with too much coverage than necessary residue on external clothings instead!


So there you have it, folks! The next time your hemorrhoids are acting up and causing discomfort that takes away from your day-to-day life , try applying a bit of zinc oxide paste as a solution. Not only could it relieve itching and pain but also potentially shrink those painful badboys.

While this mineral has been the go-to home remedy passed down for years due to its anti-inflammatory properties, be sure to verify with medical professionals if symptoms persist after combined use practice mentioned beforehand !

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