Does worm medicine make puppy sleepy?

Worm medicine is an essential part of keeping your puppy healthy. You know what they say, a worm-free pup is a happy pup! However, you may have noticed that after giving your little pooch their dose of deworming medication, they suddenly become sleepy and lethargic. This can be worrying for any pet parent which begs us to ask the question – does worm medicine make puppies sleepy? Let’s dig in deeper with this colossal problem!

What Is Worm Medicine And Why Is it Important?

Before we go into detail whether worm medicine makes puppies sleepy or not let’s first discuss what it is and how important it is.

What Is It?

Worm medicine, as its name suggests, are medications commonly given to pets such as cats and dogs to get rid of internal parasites like worms.

How Important Is It?

When left untreated from these parasites, our furry friends suffer various health complications. For example:

  • Weight-loss
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration

So now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way let’s dive in deep about why or why not our pups become drowsy after consuming this life-saving drug.

So The Answer: Does Worm Medicine Make Puppies Sleepy Or Not?

Canine Behavior & Medication Combination

If you’re wondering if there’s a connection between your dog becoming tired throughout the day right after taking his/her prescribed medication dosage then unfortunately yes – certain types of dewormers affect canine behavior more than others.

Sometimes however this side effect isn’t caused by the drug itself but rather because he/she doesn’t feel well therefore lying down/sleeping may help reduce discomfort so essentially your pup just needs rest time; similar to when humans consume Advil PM at night before bed for example!

Other factors within his/her overall lifestyle could also contribute towards this however for example:

  • Too many treats leading up to/during medication consumption could play a part of lethargy.
  • Sudden heat increase from medications passing throughout his/her body may put irresistible stress on your puppy making him/her feel increasingly exhausted

The Type Of Worm Medicine Administered Can Have A Reduction Effect

Being an integral part of pet care and maintaining your pup’s health often means introducing chemical-based dewormers that tend to have significant side effects.

Although, in certain cases like ProSense Liquid Dewormer Solution – this type is less likely than others when having sedative-type effects because it is made using natural extracts.

Other commonly used worm medicine such as Drontal Plus and Nexgard might cause sleepiness within the first few hours of intaking their prescribed dosage due to their strong potency/chemical bases.

So depending upon which option recommended by your vet you go with – yes, it’s highly probable that your dog might feel worn out for some time following ingestion but fear not! This does not mean he/she has any bad reaction towards the administered drug.

Is Sleeping After Worming A Common Occurrence?

Your puppy being sleepy after taking the medication is entirely normal. In fact, most puppies will be back into full motion going nuts immediately afterwards; maybe even more hyperactive than normal!

It takes years of exploration and examining canine behavior patterns before they conclude whether or not there are any specific negative symptoms involved with giving this sort/nature of prescription drugs to dogs/cats especially recently born pups which require particular attention/survival monitoring methods according to our assistants here at The Daily Dog! No matter what kind though we’ve never seen a case where being tired/sleepy was harmful until later down the line if left untreated (aka abandoned nap spot)

Most animal owners notice that their pets rest more after consuming any kind of prescription drug so don’t worry about anything further than just acknowledging that this is a regular response.

Additionally, restful sleep helps regulate the pup’s system enabling him/her to perform and feel great moving forward!

Final Thoughts

So, does worm medicine make puppies sleepy? The answer would be yes, it can but not always. However, remember dogs need their scheduled medication when required to maintain their overall health status, so don’t panic or dismiss further treatment solely based from initial side effects.

Regular vet check-ups coupled alongside respecting his/her complete recommended intake schedule will help keep your pet’s well-being at an all-time high without sacrificing anything!

Now that you’ve read up on our article here at The Daily Dog natural language form we hope any concerns you once had are completely laid to rest!

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