Does wine help headaches?

Have you ever experienced a pounding headache that won’t go away? Have you pondered what could possibly alleviate the pain and discomfort? Look no further because we have an answer for you: wine. That’s right, this alcoholic beverage may be just what the doctor ordered to help alleviate your headache.

The science behind headaches

Before we dive into how wine can help relieve headaches, let’s first understand the science behind them. A headache is defined as “a continuous pain in the head”. There are different types of headaches such as migraines, tension-type headaches, and cluster headaches – each with their own specific symptoms and treatment options.

However, one thing they all have in common is that they’re caused by changes in blood vessel dilation or nerve activity around the brain. This change causes inflammation and irritation which results in throbbing head pains.

Can wine cure my headache?

Now that we know what causes a headache, let’s explore whether or not there is any truth to using wine as a remedy.

The role of alcohol

Alcohol is often known to dehydrate our bodies leading to hangovers so it doesn’t seem logical for it could actually help someone combat their dehydration-induced headache but research shows otherwise! Even when drunk intemperately (which would lead us down another path altogether), some sources suggest that because alcohols act on multiple brain pathways its mitigating effect on enhanced vascular reactivity can counteract certain key factors mediating migraine initiation.”

Another source suggests alcohol consumption triggers endorphin release which activates body receptors guarding major organs from over-stimulating stress responses like throbbing sensations during mild spikes.1 Thus beer isn’t likely helpful due to being highly pressurized has other chemicals besides ethanol whereas wines have fewer such stimulants.

Additionally low amounts if consumed sure may provide relief.

That being said moderation should always be practiced when drinking alcohol in order to prevent further harm.

The best wine for headache relief

Now that we’ve established that wine could possibly help with headaches, it’s important to understand what type of wine would work best. Here are some guidelines:

  1. Red Wine: This is the most popular type of wine for headache relief as it contains compounds called tannins which have anti-inflammatory properties.
  2. Sparkling Wine: This can also be effective due to its high carbonation levels and has an element of celebratory fun attached!
  3. Organic or Biodynamic Wines: These wines use natural processes instead of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or other additives – this helps reduce sulfites (which some believe can cause headaches) during fermentation.

It’s essential you choose quality over quantity here; don’t down a whole bottle in one go while trying to alleviate your symptoms!

Remember, everyone’s body is different so pay attention how you feel after having a glass or two before jumping ahead with any beverages containing higher alcoholic content such as vodka-based cocktails etc.

As much as we love our ruby reds and bubbly whites, let’s explore other non-alcoholic options available on the market:


Dehydration tends to trigger quite mild symptoms but continuous lack water intake proves more severe e.g kidney issues cells fail retain moisture.
Your brain will experience much pressure from dehydration thus leading debilitating head pain! Ensure minimising intake coffee pop throughout day especially water-filled fruits like melons strawberries pineapples berries!

Magnesium-riCh foods

Migraines seem associated disbalances magnesium patients experiencing both frequent intense ones run lower magnums/quantities within system!2 Thus key ensure starchy veggies (peas potatoes sweetcorn edamame avocado), fish salmon sardine mackerel nuts cashews almonds pumpkin seeds, legumes beans chickpeas lentils not forgotten!


Deep tissue massages ‘nuf said?

Massage therapies help alleviate areas that are often stressed and tensed but this is only after medical clearance. If tension headaches seem frequent your primary care physician may refer you seek professional Massage therapist.

Everyone deserves a massage, so don’t wait for an excuse ((anyone down to pool money for monthly massages?))

Essential oils

Essential oil contents found around the world including lavender peppermint rosemary basil have been known cure migraines effectiveness ranging patient throughout globe!3 Use wisely – they strongly concentrated thus research recommended when selecting what companies products use.

In conclusion, wine is indeed an option in combating headaches although it should never be overused or abused since such much amplified intake might lead worsened pain problems upon further abuse.

When more severe than mild headaches , We recommend seeking Medical Attention IMMEDIATELY!

Instead of using just one approach remedies treat different types were symptoms same way come accompanied as one package deal; explore multiple options while maintaining a balanced lifestyle incorporating consumption of adequate nutrition water with consistent exercise pay utmost attention emotional mental health! Finally if experiencing sever side effects seek immediate medical attention rather attempting self-diagnosis on issues requiring close monitoring!

Stay healthy everyone!

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