Does wearing your hair up make it grow faster?

Welcome to the ultimate guide on whether or not wearing your hair up can lead to faster hair growth. We’ve all heard conflicting opinions surrounding this topic, so let’s dive in and uncover the truth.

The Theory Behind Hair Growth

Before we explore whether wearing your hair up can promote faster hair growth, let’s first understand how our luscious locks grow. Each strand of hair on our head has a life cycle consisting of three phases:

  1. Anagen – This is the active phase where new hairs form and existing ones continue to grow.
  2. Catagen – During this transitional phase, the hair follicle shrinks and separates from its nourishing blood supply.
  3. Telogen – The final resting phase where the old hairs shed and new anagen hairs begin their journey.

According to research, genetics play a significant role in determining how quickly our hair grows during each phase (source: Nina Moeller).

The Myth Surrounding Wearing Your Hair Up

There have been anecdotal claims that say tying your tresses in buns or braids could facilitate faster growth by pulling at the scalp , improving circulation & boosting nutrient delivery (source : HealthLine ) . However, there is no empirical backing for these claims yet .

One thing that flowing manes are vulnerable too / succeptible-to is damage caused by friction against clothing (that ever stuck-indoors thing… you know what i mean) I would avoid disregarding protective styles around such settings

Although it may seem like tightly binding your mane would be beneficial for promoting swift groth rates — take heed …

How Tight Are You Pullin’?

When putting your strands into an up-do, it’s essential not to tie them too tight as this can cause unnecessary tension on both your scalp and individual roots causing breakage over time .. Instead opt for looser and gentler alternatives.

Does Hairstyle Affect Hair Growth?

While there is no concrete proof that wearing your hair up contributes to faster growth, the hairstyle you select could impact how much breakage happens…

I’m afraid to say it, but yes! When you style your crowning glory too tightly or leave it in a protective style & don’t maintain (bold+) it inadequately – this significantly increases hair loss due to Traction Alopecia . This condition damages hair follicles around the scalp consequently affecting growth capabilities whilst causing irreversible damage.

Instead of totally avoiding hairstyles altogether, our recommendation would be opting for low-tension protective styles like Bantu Knots , Two-Strand Twists or ease-dropping a hat-tip on prostyles over here ‘’

Will Braiding My Hair Help It Grow Faster ?

Another common question people wonder about their mane-do’s potential effect on groth rate is braids . One thing we must acknowledge” though is that when done correctly – whether tight patterns like cornrows#ghana-braids or big jumbo box braids- they can prevent unnecessary tension from forming along individual strands by holding them continually in place which reduces breakage ! However… loosely tying temporary braided updos are generally not going to shield your head from environmental factors unless special care has been taken such as sprincling wig dust spray-on prtotective sheilds prior … trust me mine favourite fix-all answer 😉

The Importance of Scalp Care

No matter what style you choose, taking good care of your scalp remains vital. As much as we love faux locks and other types of synthetic fibres — they limit direct accessto maitaining skin health thus bioaccumulationof yeast build-up thats capable of restricting nutrient carriage throughout the scalp causing stunted growth rates – if your hair falls out whn you take down sew-ins remember that yeast plays a big number in it. Always ensure adequate hydration [refills non-alcoholic fluids] , avoid heavy grease-based products, and keep the skin on your scalp clear by massaging using light oils or serums enriched with Omega rich matty-fatsoils to ensure proper circulation (source:Aurora Hair Products)

Nutritional Factors

Finally, it’s important to consider nutritional factors when thinking about hair growth. Molecular bonds + chemical movements within nutrient chains play a Big part — ultimately having an effect on how fast our manes grow.


Protein is the building block of our crowning glory . When we consume pro-rich sources like eggs, beans or lentils they work as (JGH’) amonoacids provide foundational structure for tresses by holding together internal molecular bridges which fortify against breakage ..If consuming meat proteins, go for white lean meats rather than red which are typically high consumers of inflammation-causing substances

Vitamins & Minerals

Iron : minerals such as iron stimulates blood cells formation thus heightening oxygen supply throughout your noggin! & contributes largely to sustain volume and increase strength whilst reducing fragility coupled with regular vitamin c ingestion through leafy vegetables fruits –these help wirh folicle strengthening over time /vital for fighting oxidative stress levels increases metabolic absorption too[source: Hair Rediscovered].

Vitmain D- This sunshine-loving vitamin has been linked with aiding faster groth capabilities amongst mammals.. peculiarly its relevance around melaniated individuals naturally adapted to living in sunnier cliamtes / areas

Final Thoughts

In conclusion folks : There appears TO be NO concrete data behind whether up-do styles can influence significant boost(slow?) rate but maintaining low tension protective styles Can lead towards better nourishment and limit destructive abrasions that can cause breakage!

Ensure keeping up scalp + hair health care while maintaining a well-balanced nutrient-rich diet containing varied sources of-quality sourced protein and vitamins would go along way to enhancing growth capabilities over time !

Happy Hair Journey Folks __“`

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