Does walmart sell birth control pills?

If you’re here because you want to know whether Walmart carries your much-needed contraceptive, let me just tell you: you are not alone.

  • According to a study by the Guttmacher Institute, around 19 million women have difficulty accessing contraception because of factors like cost and location.
  • It can be frustrating to go from store to store trying to find what would otherwise be a simple fix for an important health issue.

So without further ado, let’s answer the question at hand: Does Walmart sell birth control pills?

The short answer is yes!

Walmart does indeed carry several types of oral contraceptives. However, as with many things in life (like figuring out who actually started saying “on fleek”), there are some caveats involved. Here’s everything you need to know:

Where in-store should I look for them?

While it varies slightly depending on the specific location, most Walmarts stock their birth control pills near or in the pharmacy section. So if you don’t see them out front with the condoms and pregnancy tests (which is where they should logically belong), head over there.

Fun fact: Some pharmacies will even have vending machines that dispense emergency contraceptives like Plan B!

What brands do they carry?

Again, this can vary from location-to-location – but generally speaking,Walmart carries these four main brands:

  1. Sprintec
  2. Microgestin Fe
  3. Junel Fe
  4. Gildess

It’s worth noting that while these are all combination pills (meaning both estrogen and progestin hormones), Walmart may also stock various “mini-pills” which only include one hormone.

Are birth control pills cheaper at Walmart than other places?

Ah yes, money- everybody loves it! Fortunately or unfortunately… This depends largely on your individual insurance plan, but Walmart has made an effort in recent years to offer more affordable contraceptive options. According to their website, a one-month supply of ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo costs $35 without insurance, whereas other pharmacies can charge upwards of $60 for the same thing.

Regardless of cost though,Walmart is still not the only or necessarily even always the best place to get your birth control pills. There are many online prescription services that may be cheaper and more convenient.

Fun fact: Did you know that some drugstores have reward programs with which one could save up points towards future purchases?

So what’s holding people back?

Despite Walmart carrying popular and effective birth control brands at reasonable prices relative to other places such as Walgreens, CVS etc., there seems to be this lingering societal stigma around purchasing contraception from a retail store. This “shame culture” combined with fear behind negative judgement by pharmacists- two factors serve as barriers prohibiting women who may lack access elsewhere from seeking out much needed care when they need it most.

The Bottom Line

It may seem daunting (or maybe just plain boring), but staying on top of obtaining reliable contraception is essential for good sexual health and wellbeing overall.

  • Birth control pills are just one option within those contraceptives!

While pricing can vary depending on your particular insurance plan(s), Walmart does carry multiple types at relatively competitive prices compared with nearby competitors like Rite Aid or Publix Pharmacy so affordability isn’t entirely an issue!

Pulling these taboo topics into open discussion allows us opportunities spread awareness, end common misconceptions thus ultimately empowering individuals across all genders make informed decisions regarding their reproductive rights.

The general theme here? Don’t let rumors discourage you when trying something new- afterall laughter is simply just fear taking a breath 🙂

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