Does walking reduce cellulite?

Cellulite, the localized dimpling of subcutaneous fat that appears on the thighs, buttocks, and hips of both men and women, is a cosmetic problem that affects millions worldwide. There are numerous treatments claiming to reduce or eliminate cellulite ranging from creams to massages. But what about walking? Could something as simple as going for a stroll help you shed those pesky bumps?

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when pockets of fat push up against the connective tissues beneath the skin creating a dimpled appearance. And while some may believe it’s solely caused by weight gain or obesity, this isn’t entirely true (we’re already busting myths here folks!).

Factors such as genetics, hormones (hello estrogen), diet high in sugar and fats along with sedentary lifestyles can all contribute to its development.

Walk This Way

Now if you’re thinking “this must be too good to be true,” bear with us because contrarily there might just be some truth behind promoting walking for reducing cellulite.

Why Walking Works

While specific exercises targeting certain body parts naturally tone areas such as your legs or glutes; walking targets these muscles more holistically; not forgetting everyone’s favorite – cardiovascular benefits!

Walking also positively impacts blood circulation which aids in tightening connective tissue keeping cellulite at bay.

Moreover, according to scientists at San Diego State University researchers found people who walked an average of 10 thousand steps per day had less body fat than those who only took 5 thousand steps daily (you go Glen Coco!).

As mentioned earlier leading inactive lifestyles can perpetuate development so adding routine brisk walks into your schedule could help decrease risk factors associated with developing unsightly bumpy terrain.

How Much Do I Need To Walk?

Unfortunately sorry guys this isn’t one size fits all but typically targeted consistencies include:

  • Walking at least 30 minutes daily
  • Consistent walking sessions
  • Gradual increases in pace and/or incline

The key lies in consistency, so start small ramp up as you go.

Can Walking Alone Get Rid Of Cellulite?

It would be wonderful to believe that simply walking could rid us of all our aesthetic woes but like most areas of cosmetic concern; it’s a multifactorial issue. While there’s no conclusive evidence stipulating that walks alone can get rid of cellulite entirely adding targeted resistance training has been known to focus on the problem area(s).

However incorporating brisk daily walks accompanied alongside healthy diets staving from excessive sugars also low-fat high protein foods, drinking adequate amounts of water (hydration nation over here yo!) thus further aiding skin suppleness; quicker recovery times along with increasing metabolic rates therefore burning excess fats off.

Additionally while not directly related reducing smoking (cough cough) or abstaining altogether may decrease your risk for developing unsightly bumps.

Resistance Training

If you want more defined results than toning exercises targeting these areas is much advised which could include:

  • Deadlifts
  • Cable kickbacks
  • Step-ups

These proven movers help build muscle leading to a smoother appearance visually improving stubborn dimples through an increase of active tissues lowering visible signs.

Potential Risks With Overexertion

However like anything finding balance whilst remaining practical therein lies the sweet spot most forget when seeking shortcuts (because let’s face it who doesn’t love those) – pushing yourself too hard especially if new to exercising commencing exertions beyond capability has its risks putting added pressure on joints heightening injury potentials rather than sharing realistic goals eventually culminating negative setbacks instead being enjoyed holistically (let’s keep things fun!) enjoying beneficial perks consciously striving towards change.

Furthermore remember scheduling rest days alternating exercise forms such as yoga or swimming along with resistance training. Steep gradients may require acclimatization period hence learning balance crucially aids in avoiding risks associated.


Cellulite while commonly seen as a universally concerning cosmetic concern is not isolated to one sole cause but several factor (remember that message folks!). While walking may not be the immediate solution to erasing all its visible effects, incorporating it into positive lifestyle changes coupled with healthy diets and targeted movements antecedently mentioned could naturally and holistically optimize results towards those desirable smooth legs!

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