Does vicks have menthol?

If you’ve ever experienced the wrath of a cold or cough, chances are you reached for Vicks VaporRub. This go-to salve has been trusted by generations to soothe sore throats, clear stuffy noses and chest congestion since its launch in 1894.

But have you ever wondered what makes this green goo so effective? Is it witchcraft disguised as medicine?! Or just some good ol’ essential oils carefully blended together?!

Today we’re going to tackle one of the most common questions about this wonder balm: does Vicks have menthol?

What is Menthol?

Before we dive into whether Vicks contains menthol, let’s first get our basics sorted.

So, what actually is menthol?

Menthol – not metal, mantel or menstrual cycle – (apologies if I made grandma cry with that last one) is a natural substance found in plants from the mint family which gives off a cooling sensation when applied topically. Think of it like polar bear breath mixed with peppermint stick ice cream; kinda cool yet super refreshing!

It’s an active ingredient widely used in many over-the-counter remedies for common ailments such as headaches or muscle pain. But its most popular use case would be in decongestants and cough suppressants where it helps to ease breathing difficulties.

Now that we know what exactly menthol means let’s address why there’s even confusion on this topic!

The Curious Case Of Confusing Ingridients

The back label on any medication can often look like another language. The names are complex and long-winded but they serve a purpose: clarify exactly what ingredients make up your product to avoid allergic reactions or incorrect usage scenarios.

Surprisingly though despite sounding like rocket science, identifying whether your vapor rub has rahv-siz-oo-lo-fen-o-metolkrispum or simply some good ol’ fashioned menthol can require Inspector Gadget levels of detective skills.

Breaking Down Vicks Ingredients

Fear not fellow human beings, we’ve deciphered Vicks VaporRub’s ingredients list to answer the question: does it have menthol?

Here are the top key components in each two-pack ounce jar:

  1. Camphor (4.8%) – This pungent all-natural substance used for centuries as a local anesthetic and an antimicrobial is a core component found in every single Vicks product.
  2. Eucalyptus Oil (1.2%) – The strong aroma of this powerhouse essential oil acts on receptors in your nose and throat helping to clear airways making it easier to breathe
  3. Menthol (2.6%) – Ah-ha! We see you there little buddy! Your favorite cool-burning sensation stemming from applying vapor rub actually comes from menthol directly added into the mixture.

Bonus ingredient! In addition, Thymol (.05%), Nutmeg Oil (.1%), Cedar Leaf Oil (.14%), and Special Petrolatum with Fragrances make up only small portions of overall composition.

Yes folks, there you have it plain as day; vix has “actual real” Menthol!

But wait…there’s more! Let us delve further down this rabbit hole before closing that tab on your browser…

But Wait … How Does It Work?

Now that we know one of its active additives is indeed Menthol maybe we need to clarify exactly HOW it helps our bodies during treatment phases.

The method behind how Vicks heals starts at what’s called our brain-stuff area (aka sensory receptors) which immediately brings relief like Ben + Jen getting back together again (and no matter how many years pass since their split).

Once applied externally (this means outside/to surface of skin…) that’s right you folks not planning on drinking this), Vicks VaporRub stimulates these receptors sending a signal which in turn creates a cooling sensation and relieving muscle discomfort.

As it’s absorbed into the skin components like menthol can have pain-killing properties whilst eucalyptus has anti-inflammatory qualities.

What Are The Pros And Cons?

So now we know all about what makes up Vicks VaporRub and how it works – so let’s ask another important question: are there any pros & cons to using our fave green goop with Menthol goodness?

A few benefits of using vapor rub include:

  • Medicated relief from allergies and congestion without having to take oral medication
  • Relieves coughing fits by helping soothe throat
  • Instantly freshens breath (in case you’ve been snacking on too many onion rings lately)
    At only $6 for two ounces It’s an affordable way to receive long-lasting relief

But as with any medication, some downsides exist:

  • Can cause breathing difficulties if used incorrectly
  • May lead to asthma attacks or allergic reactions especially when ingested
    May trigger osteoporosis or low blood pressure due to overuse.
    Leaves an oily film after use making some users uncomfortable.

It’s essential always read your product labels carefully before usage!

Fun Facts About Vicks Vapor Rub

If you’ve ever wondered where this magic potion originated here are some interesting tidbits of history backslash is cheating battling back through decades brings!

However, did you know:

  • The creator of Vick’s was named Lunsford Richardson who initially brewed the first pot in his family kitchen way back in 1890s North Carolina.
    Lunsford intended for Vick’s salve minus Eucalyptus Oil, originally marketed under the name ‘Vick’s Family Remedies’
    Grandparents everywhere swore by its effectiveness during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.
  • Some folks believe that rubbing Vick’s onto your feet then donning socks helps rid of their persistent cough (although the logical reasoning behind this is…. shrug shoulders ♫Mystery♫.)

Interesting factoids to bring back up next time you’re feeling like Vicks storytime with friends! Just maybe use it as a conversation starter rather than the middle or end topic because we both know “mystery” statements are followed by awkward silence.

Final Words

As said before, carefully analyzing medication labels serves all kinds of purposes especially ensuring safety during usage.

With everything measured and taken into account, we can confidently confirm – Yes my friends Vicks VaporRub indeed has menthol in its essence!

So go forth + breathe easy knowing if any medicinal treatment starts getting too overbearing on patience/discomfort receptors just apply some dab in key regions for immediate cooling relief whether down south below nose nostrils or rubbed along chest areas…just not inside your ears …no medication goes there…ever.

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