Does vaseline pink lips balm work?

Are you tired of using lip balms that don’t live up to their promises? Have you tried countless products, and still have dry and chapped lips? Fear not, because we may have found the solution for you! Vaseline Pink Lips Balm claims to provide long-lasting moisture, resulting in soft and pinkish-looking lips. So let’s dive in and see if this product really works.

What is Vaseline Pink Lips Balm?

Before we get into whether or not it actually works, let’s find out exactly what Vaseline Pink Lips Balm is. The name alone suggests that it is a lip balm that aims to tint your lips pink while also moisturizing them. However, it turns out that the pink shade comes from the product containing rose and almond oil; thus providing hydration while adding a subtle blush tone.

Aside from these claim ingredients, the back of its packaging lists ingredients such as petrolatum (petroleum jelly), flavoring agents like fragrance which helps mask unpleasant taste or odor of other ingredients used) titanium dioxide (as UV-filtering ingredient), tocopherol acetate aka vitamin E acetate an antioxidant with supposed anti-inflammatory benefits).

How does It Work?

According to its manufacturers: “Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy instantly softens and soothes helping repair – not just coat – your lip barrier.” This suggests they aim at going beyond surface-level protection provided by most conventional balms/lipsticks/salves/serums etc or commonly called occlusives- i.e., locking lost moisture inside rather than penetrating/introducing new humectant molecules . Instead,VPLB purportedly contains natural oils & possibly even emulsifiers/humectants which actively work towards nourishing & hydrating your skin cells beneath ensuring no ‘cracked’ cornifications are formed over time rendering your pout silky-soft .

Moreover, the moisturizing action of Vaseline Pink Lips Balm comes in a compact and easy-to-carry container, making it perfect to use as needed throughout the day. The company also boasts of its suitability for all skin types.

But does it live up to its hype?

Does It Actually Work?

This is probably what you came here for; so without further ado, let’s get into whether or not Vaseline Pink Lips Balm works. To answer this question, we scoured online reviews from verified buyers who have used the product.

As is usually the case with personal care products- results vary buyer to buyer due to individual factors may include but not limited to contraindicated items (allergy/intolerance), health/hygiene status & outside environmental effects once applied . From our research findings, most people experienced instant relief from dryness and chapping after using this balm. Several users even agreed that regular application over time resulted in naturally pinker lips.

“I’m obsessed – My lips went from being incredibly dry/red+burnt-looking/embarrassing (rather painful/peeling) everyday despite keeping hydrated ,to now soft + super pale pink!” said one YouTuber user in her video review titled “How I got pink lips instantly!” though keep in mind that there are no guarantees that your experience would be similar!

Nonetheless, other customers were less impressed by VPLB’s performance: “It definitely makes my lips look softer and more hydrated, but I haven’t seen much change in their coloration,” one customer reviews on complains“So overall just an average lip balm.”

Keep in mind YMMV ‘Your mileage may vary’ — thus one should possibly indulge/fudged upon/inclinations before assuming every available article online means they’ll work flawlessly for everyone too!

In short Yay/Nay depends on person especially given the rather low risk associated with this product – unless you’re allergic to any of its ingredients mentioned which again is unlikely since these are all considered safe based on our research.

How to Use Vaseline Pink Lips Balm

For best results, apply a small amount of VPLB directly onto your lips. You can use this balm as often as needed throughout the day. However, if you have a tendency toward allergies or intolerances : be mindful when beginning something new& patch test prior/on small portions for aversion reactions .

As with any lip care/treatment products— proper storage & hygiene should always be observed:
– Our Advice? Always store in cool, dry place
– Be careful not contaminate it by directly dipping hands into container.
– Replace after expiry period (in case manufacturer has setting one).

By observing good hygienic practices and using regularly as instructed/needed,you might just find yourself more attracted by desired visage results than ever before!

Pros and Cons of Using Vaseline Pink Lips Balm

To sum up whether or not you should give into temptation of adding this cult favorite to basket/kart despite various claims being made , let’s take a closer look at some pros and cons:


  1. Provides instant relief from dryness and chapping.
  2. Compact-sized making it very portable for on-the-go application whenever-needed
  3. Subtle pink tint added bonus for those looking dab naturally colored pout without makeup !
  4. The formula contains natural oils hence presumed safer compared to others that may contain other chemicals believed necessitate bioaccumulation .


1.Some users reviews detract presence sheer glitter/shimmer/color saturation factor they deem rather unnecessary ;
2.Perceived Negligible levels sunscreen protection;
3.Jar packaging get messy – easier spoilage due exposure cumulative external factors over time .

But fret not ! so long precautions are exercised (ie usage/handling/storage), Vaseline Pink Lips Balm could make a worthy addition to your lip care regimen without burning holes in purses/wallets !


So, does Vaseline Pink Lips Balm Work? The answer is yes and no. Users have reported varying degrees of success with this product. Some swear by it as their go-to lip balm; others find it average or over-hyped.

However- considering its fairly affordable price point & presentation as well formulation -there’s little harm in adding one into your stash for that “just-in-case” moisture necessity whenever needed!

Remember always patch test & be vigilant if prone towards suspected allergic/intolerance reactions , while making note of expiration dates,and keeping other precautions stated intact! Nonetheless, give it a try : who knows maybe you’ll soon become another online influencer raving on brighten up effects of naturally rose-tinted lips !