Does vagisil itch cream work?

As women, we have all been there at some point in our lives— experiencing itching and discomfort in the intimate area. The struggle is real, but thankfully, products like Vagisil itch cream are here to save the day! But can you really trust this product to provide relief from an itchy vagina? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Vagisil itch cream.

What Is Vagisil Itch Cream?

Vagisil itch cream is a popular over-the-counter product used by many women for relieving vaginal itching and burning. This cream contains active ingredients such as Lidocaine and Benzocaine that help in numbing the nerves which signal pain or discomfort felt around your genital region.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Lidocaine was initially introduced during World War II to numb soldiers before any painful emergency surgeries?

Why Do Women Experience Itching Down There?

There could be several reasons why one may experience an itchy sensation in their intimate areas- don’t worry girl every woman experiences it once-in-a-while! Some of these include:

  • A yeast infection
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Irritation from shaving or tight clothing
  • Menopause / Hormonal imbalances

It’s essential always ID what’s causing your discomfort/question before using creams like Numb-it-all; if you suspect symptoms of something more than just mild irritation make sure you visit your healthcare provider.

How Effective is Vagasil Cream?

Before we dive deep into understanding whether this OTC medication works let us first understand what exactly does effective mean anyways . An effective treatment means reducing or eliminating the symptoms completely—the quicker; better. So will visiting Amazon & ordering ‘The Big 3’ (‘Monistat’,’Vaseline’,and ‘Vagisil’) on your recommended list help you achieve this? Maybe, it depends!

Many women have shared positive reviews about Vagisil itch cream working for them. However, a product that works well for one woman may not necessarily work the same way it did for another. Isolated reactions to any of the ingredients are ‘normal’ but if symptoms persist / worsen immediately inform your doctor.

Is It Safe to Use Vagasil Cream?

Yes, generally it is safe; as long as you follow proper instructions provided by the makers and only use within the prescribed period. However do remember to go through all components before applying anything — no matter how small or insignificant they might seem because different treatments can cause allergies in some individuals- so better be prepared!

If you experience any discomfort (e.g., burning sensation rush or sore) after using this cream — discontinue use & wash off thoroughly with soap and water – otherwise as we mentioned earlier; If used correctly following organic methods: side effects were minimal at worst (very uncommon) ranging from mild redness/irritation/to feeling a little sleepy.

When Should You Consult Your Doctor For Discomfort?

When vaginal itching lasts more than a week between 2 consecutive periods – please visit your healthcare provider immediately because underlying infections could lead to serious complications such PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease). These types of deep tissue infections take time in detecting ,if left untreated even end up requiring surgeries – which No-one wants!

Ingredients In The Product

The vagisil itch cream contains several significant active ingredients that provide soothing relief sensations against intimate area issues: We mention key ones below:


Benzocaine is an FDA-approved topical anesthetic medication commonly found in OTC products that aim at reducing vaginal irritation’s severity caused due to external factors such as clothing material/tight fitted jeans etc.


Resorcinol, a derivative of resins secreted by tropical trees or extracted from corn bran. This ingredient also has antisepitic and skin refreshing properties used in treating conditions like warts/ Acne.

How To Use Vagisil Itch Cream?

Like using any other cream ,you must follow the correct way to get the desired results without causing adverse impacts on frequently sensitive areas. In this section, we will be sharing some essential tips that you’ll want to keep in mind when applying vagisil itch cream;

1- First things first: always read and follow set instructions carefully before using any OTC medication

2- Wash /cleanse area well with warm water & mild gentle soap

3- Thoroughly pat dry your intimate areas before application; do not wipe because it might lead to microscopic cuts—something NO women wants!

4- Apply a pea-sized amount of vagisil itch cream directly onto affected external genital region.

5- Stay mindful about how much product you’re applying at max please use one fingers length (fingertip) as anything more doesn’t speed up relief time – instead makes residues build-up leading to infections.

6- If possible try avoiding intercourse for next few hours after usage so as give enough time for ingredients present complete their work effectively.

It does take some cognitive effort when deciding between creams promising instant numbness vs waiting patiently for natural recovery but personally; I’d rather wait-it-out than risk long lasting complications.

What Are Women Saying About Vagasil Itch Cream?

Before buying any recommended products normally check out user reviews! There are various websites where real-life people share their experience regarding products. Below listed are customer feedback collated from different online sources:

Positive Feedback

1) “I have been experiencing unbearable pain due to burning sensation down there until I found this solution-Vagasil proved extremely effective.”
2)”I never knew such an affordable solution was available making periods somewhat tolerable-would recommend”

Negative Feedback

1)”This product caused unbearable irritation next week – I wouldn’t recommend using it again.”
2)”I did experience relief after usage initially but it lead to a secondary infection as the cream negatively affected my ph levels and metabolic rate.”

How To Store Vagisil Itch Cream?

Storing vagisil itch cream isn’t rocket science! You can utilize any shelf or cabinet which is dry, cool and away from direct sunlight. Mostly creams aren’t met for consistently high temperatures – that’s why air-conditioned spaces work best in preserving their overall efficacy.


1- Who Can Use Vagasil Cream?

Anyone who experiences burning, itching down there—age-appropriate women only abovesixteen (or with parental consent) without worrying about preexiting conditions / ailments/ complications please always consult your doctor before trying anything new especially if pregnant during breastfeeding or pill forms!

2- What are Vagasil Creams’ Primary Uses?

As mentioned earlier various types of external factors contribute towards vaginaal discomfort – one of those reasons being HORMONAL imbalances etc— people seeking immediate relief against these issues usually find using topical numbing agents like ‘Vagisil Itch Cream’ extremely useful.

3- Are There Any Adverse Side-Effects Of Using Vagasil Itch Cream?

Like every other OTC medication present within market; adverse reactions do occur; however they remain quite rare…unless used continuously overtime resulting in Build-up, causing infections/worsening irritation This is why we request you to visit Healthcare Provider during emergency situations/ keep yourself updated about reactions via instructions provided by product manufacturers.

In conclusion;

Although personal hygiene practices cannot be ignored while dealing with infections like candida-albicans etcetera –prescribed medication in original but natural form usually brings with it the promised relief -So ensure healthy habits continue while retreating any ailment. And of course, do make an informed decision when you feel discomfort instead of just blindly following trends available online!

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