Does tung ting oolong tea have caffeine?

Here at the Oolong Research Institute, we are dedicated to answering your most pressing questions about everyone’s favorite Taiwanese tea. One of the most common inquiries we receive is whether or not tung ting oolong tea has caffeine.

Well, dear reader, buckle up and grab a cup of your finest oolong because we’re about to take you on a caffeine-fueled journey through the world of tung ting.

What Is Tung Ting Oolong Tea?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of caffeine content, let’s first establish what exactly tung ting oolong tea is. Tung ting (also spelled dong ding) is a lightly oxidized oolong that originates from Taiwan’s Nantou County. It boasts a floral aroma with subtle notes of honey and fruit, making it a favorite among avid tea drinkers.

Tung Ting got its name from Dong Ding Mountain in Nantou where it was originally grown. The leaves are harvested from this mountain to make one of Taiwan’s best known teas.

Tung Ting growers use traditional harvesting methods by hand-picking each leaf carefully for quality control during growth stages so that every customer experiences only premium leaves when brewing their cuppa!

How Much Caffeine You Can Expect To Find In Your Cup Of Tung Ting

Now that we’ve established what tung ting oolong tea is all about let us talk about the ever-present controversy surrounding whether or not there’s any ounce of caffeine in our beloved brew?

The question begs itself: “Does this light-tasting tea have enough energy-boosting components?”

To answer without beating around ‘bush’, YES! Tung Ting Olong contains caffeinaceous properties comparable with other teas like green and black teas!

However,this comes down mostly to different factors such as:

  • Growing conditions
  • Preparation methods
  • Brewing time

Subtle Caffeine Level in Tung Ting works by making your mind and intellect function sharper yet without the intense buzz that a regular coffee drinker has associated with caffeine intake. With this, you can stay alert throughout the day while still enjoying a soothing taste of high-quality tea.

Is It Enough To Make You Jittery?

With that disclaimer out of the way let us now get to the meaty part!

How much caffeine is there in tung ting oolong tea? (Drum roll)

A 6-ounce cup (that’s around 177 milliliters for our metric system friends) of tung ting oolong tea typically contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine give or take.

In comparison, this level falls somewhere between green tea which has less than half that amount all through to black teas containing around double the figure mentioned above. This puts it at nearly equal levels alongside moderate pet stimulants such as decaffeinated coffee and cola drinks.

So be assured that enjoying a steaming hot cuppa won’t ultimately leave you trolling your house; sweeping clean from how jittery too many caffeinated fluids will make one feel.

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Note though, if you’re sensitive to caffeine or are trying to limit your intake before bedtime, we suggest drinking tung ting earlier in the day as it might interfere with sleep patterns later on during or after consumption especially if taken close grazing hour beyond midnight!

The Impact Of Different Factors On Oolong Tea Caffeine Content Levels:

There are several factors when determining how much caffeine is present:

  1. Growing conditions – The climate in which crops grow influences their chemical compounds’ concentration levels.
  2. Harvest timing – The timing of when tea leaves get harvested affects the oxidation level in which then caffeine gets released.
  3. Preparation methods – These include things like dryness, sun exposure or agitations that influence how much chemical components a picked leave will contain in the end.
  4. Brewing time – This is one significant point to take note of for several people. If your desire is to yield light bodied sip compared with proper body and flavor- then it all boils down to brewing-time!

To achieve an optimum taste:

  • Always use fresh water
  • Bring it up to temperature before pouring into mugs/cups/teapot
  • Steep 2-3 teaspoons (roughly 2gms) per serving size; But different tea brands come varied packages so look at instructions first)
  • Stew for about 5 minutes

For extra decadence within yourself (and you deserve this!) try doubling milk or adding honey.


In conclusion, tung ting oolong tea does have caffeine but not too much! It’s perfect if you’re looking for a gentle pick-me-up throughout the day without experiencing jitters or crashes.

The key takeaway here is that tung ting deserves more attention than ever due largely exceeding expectations provided by levels and options over other drinks likewise with facilitating anti-inflammatory properties contributing positively health-wise.

There’s never been a better time, my dear reader – give our top-quality Taiwanese brew a try today befitting life balance for many years ahead 🍵🙋‍♀️!

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