Does trimix work?

Trimix Injections Do Not Work: Troubleshooting. Trimix injections are an effective treatment option for ED for most patients. For some patients, Trimix may not work or may stop working. Trimix is not likely to work in patients with penile fibrosis or scarring as can occur after priapism with severe Peyronie’s disease.

Is trimix an injectable drug for erectile dysfunction? In simple terms, Trimix is an injectable medication designed to treat erectile dysfunction. It comprises three constituent active ingredients – phentolamine, papaverine, and alprostadil – which are all designed to help improve erectile function.

Why would a trimix injection be needed? Trimix is prescribed to men who struggle with getting an erection or maintaining their erection during intercourse . There are different forms of penile injection therapy treatment that utilize Trimix. It is the first injection administered, and is meant to help increase blood flow, and help open the blood vessels.

How much does trimix cost? This erectile drug medication improves blood to flow into the penis, creating a firm erection. Pills for ED cost roughly $20 to $60 per dose. Depending on the compounding pharmacy you buy TriMix Shots or the popular TriMix Gel from, and your ED drug prescription dose, your TriMix cost could be as little as $5 to $10 per dose.

Can I get a perscription for trimix? Since Trimix is only available with a prescription, you can choose to get it by discussing with your primary care or men’s health specialist and seeking a prescription. Or, more conveniently and discreetly, you can obtain Trimix from an online telemedicine provider, such as Invigor Medical.