Does tequila help sore throat?

Sore throat, the dreaded symptom that tells you’re about to get sick or you have been living it up way too hard at karaoke night. At some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced those pesky symptoms like coughing, sneezing and especially, a sore throat. Fortunately for us connoisseurs of life’s finer things – tequila may be just what we need.

The Science behind a Sore Throat

Before diving into the potential benefits of tequila as a remedy for sore throat let’s explore the nitty-gritty science behind this infuriating ailment.

A sore throat is primarily caused by inflammation of your pharynx (the cavity situated directly behind your nose and mouth) resulting after irritation from bacterial or viral infections. These irritants cause swelling which leads to difficulty breathing and swallowing.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s discuss why drinking tequila could reduce your suffering amidst this horrible condition.

Numbing Properties

There are several properties in tequila that can numb or alleviate pain:

  • Alcohol: A natural antiseptic eliminates bacteria causing throat discomfort alleviating inflammation
  • Warmth: Drinking warm liquids such as hot apple cider offers calming effects on swollen tissues thereby reducing pain.
  • Capsaicin – An agent prevalent in chili peppers which generates heat in food causes mucus membranes’ reaction also helps numb pain signals around nerve endings

These ingredients combined ascertain better wellbeing against pains associated with sicknesses.

As wisely stated by German physician Paracelsus: “All substances are poisons; there is none which is not poisonous…

The dose makes the poison

Even though tequila contains beneficial numbing agents if taken excessively can result in impaired health but don’t fret a small amount goes an extended period when using benefit wholesome positives!

Sweet Tequila Relief

Something to look forward to after a long day of sharing your voice with the world is that solace in unwinding, cue tequila! But how can it help alleviate your sore throat?

Interestingly, contrary to common belief not all alcohol gets metabolized using an enzyme referred to as dehydrogenase which causes aches thereby intensifyingpain when drinking whiskey or brandy.

Understanding this physiological difference ensures you won’t have any reason to steer away from a sweet and refreshing blend of tequila then lime mixture – Let’s face it who needs the added discomfort amongst self-isolating?!

Killing Germs !

The agave plants used are naturally grown antibacterial agents. Additionally adding some grapefruit seeds (after mashing) serve as natural antiseptics needed during flu seasons. Several tests result of positive consequences by swishing diluted amounts over specified periods.

Based on research conducted in Japan, evidence posits upsurge health benefits due primarily due high quantities Agavins(a pre-biotic capable catalyzing colonies conducive bacteria aiding better nourishment) could potentially stimulate GHRELIN (the hormone managing hunger levels) further mitigating negative effects associated with poor feeding habits!

Tequilla Detoxification Boost

Rich diets quickly lead liver hepatic steatosis(loss eating habitswith vital nutrients required for efficient body function alternates accrued components much needed by organs fueled liver storage). Unsurprisingly new studies implore the use natural fruits which revolutionizes antidotal properties wholesome nutrition alkaloids formation respectively.Tequila serving replacing traditionally prescribed drugs avoids harmful side-effects

Assuming drinks replace less beneficial ones reduces likelihood bad detoxing which in truth leads chronic diseases nurtured by toxins resulting adverse resistant malignant growth-

Self-medicating natural wines and liquors promotes longevity and overall healthy living.

A Word Of Caution – Conclusion

Drinking copious amounts stay hydrated whenever comes down to natural remedies – Or else end up curing one ailment to contracting another equally dangerous. Drinking water and other fluids avoid risk of dehydration and replenish needed components for improved health.

In conclusion, whilst tequila can be an effective soothing agent in alleviating symptoms associated with sore throat, remember that moderation is key! When considering any alcohol as a remedy ensure you estimate dosage requirements, as gargling or mixing small portions will always yield the best outcome

Let’s Blend Your Pain Away!

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