Does taking prednisone cause hot flashes?

Have you ever taken prednisone, the steroid hormone that can be used to treat a variety of conditions like inflammation and autoimmune diseases? If so, then you may have experienced hot flashes as one of its annoying side effects. But, wait! Why does this happen? Let’s delve into the science behind it to find out more.

Understanding Prednisone

Before we take on hot flashes, let’s learn what prednisone really is. It is a synthetic corticosteroid that comes in various forms such as oral tablets, injections or creams. It basically mimics our body’s natural cortisol hormone which functions by reducing inflammation and regulating our immune system responses.

Doctors typically prescribe prednisone for patients with arthritis,chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lupus, and even cancer since it works immediately after intake — some people feel relief within hours!.

But wait there’s always two sides of every coin…

Introducing Hot Flashes

If you are someone who has an experience of taking steroids like prednisolone before reading this article – This might hit home!

Let us begin your flashback journey towards remembering those moments when during routine life activities ie: work,presentations,the first date(awkward stuff) – suddenly perspiration soaked through your clothes leaving everyone curious about an unfamiliar turn all while shouting “WhY”?

Well guys! Chances are high – It was all because of something commonly referred to hormonal imbalance also known as ‘hot flash’ caused from none other than – Yes you guessed right- Predinsolene !

So lets understand what happens here exactly!! Keep Reading 😉

Scientific Reasoning Behind Hot Flashes Caused By Prednisolene

Predinisore alters levels estrogen levels (we ain’t love hate them ladies?). Now just in case if you aren’t aware along with performing major functions in women’s reproduction , estrogen hormone (its levels and signals ) plays a pretty important role In maintaining multiple other body functions such including temperature regulation.

Prednisolene overburdens our adrenal glands which controls the production of this very magical hormone called cortisol. And in turn when these babies hide their heads – It overly stresses our brains which leads to sweating, blotching and even increased heart rate causing redness in cheeks and neck area known as ‘hot flashes’

Who exactly is prone to Hot Flashes?

Now that you’re well acquainted with this interesting little detail of hot flashes being caused by your medication (a good conversation starter next time around dinner we presume) let’s investigate who typically experiences hot flash symptoms while taking prednisone:

  • People between 40 – 64 years.
  • Individuals going through menopause
  • Breast cancer patients

It must be noted nonetheless that in cases as above women have been significantly higher reported populating these stats(not like we weren’t already genetically engineered to multitask!)

What can be done to Alleviate Hot Flash Symptoms?

So now the big question on everyone’s lip: Can anything significant or easy alleviate it?The answer unfortunately lies somewhere along lines you probably are tired hearing from us : Consult with your Doctor first! This fact doesn’t change here either prior medical consultation always helps!

Nevertheless few quick undemanding tips recommended by American Cancer Society might just help;

  1. Loose comfortable clothing: No high collars please
  2. Keep Hydrated & Drink Plenty of water preferably colder drinks on hand
    3.Pick Personal comfort cooling devices like handheld fans etc for those non air conditioned rooms

These helpful methods may not make hot flashes go away completely but if they ensure relief for even couple hours then its worth giving them a chance right?

Sarcasm apart life has its tough moments throw at these difficulties some laughter,,Patience and medical recommendations & You’ll be sure to pull right through!

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