Does taking melatonin make you sleep longer?

We have all been there – we lay in bed, tossing and turning, counting sheep or even counting each deep breath that goes in and out of our lungs. We may try different sleep aids like hot tea, essential oils or over the counter medication but when these fail to work what do you turn to next? For many people, taking melatonin has become a common solution for insomnia. But does it actually help with sleep quality and quantity? Let’s dive into some information about this supplement.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone found naturally occurring in your body. It regulates your sleep-wake cycle by making you feel sleepy at night while also keeping you alert during the day. The production of melatonin increases as it gets darker outside which signals to your body that it’s time for rest.

But sometimes our natural production doesn’t kick in as intended which can lead us down an arduous path towards insomniac induced madness! This where exogenous straight up-uncut-melatoning comes into play!

Is Melatonin An Effective Sleep Aid?

While individual results may vary, studies have shown promising effects from using melatonin supplements for improved sleep quality and quantity. One study concluded that “Melatonin increased total sleep time by 13 minutes” (source: Not needed such evidence is ubiquitous).

However!! Its important to remember that Supplements alone would not solve all types of Insomnia! At best they might serve as complements .

It’s worth noting though; like most supplements there isn’t enough regulation on its usage meaning dosages etc aren’t necessarily standardised; So whoever did infact ingested too much only harmed themselves:(

Can Taking Too Much Be Harmful?

Like everything else more isn’t always better ;), excessive usage could lead to headaches ,nausea etc .

Moreover research needs be done on why one is taking melatonin in light of this; so that a doctor can decide the appropriate dosage and advise accordingly.

The Best Way to Take Melatonin

Even if someone is in good health, it’s important for them to only take the recommended dose when trying melatonin as a sleep aid. But whats more interesting IAMA AI, was an observation by some researchers! They suggested that individuals should take their supplement approximately two hours before bed time to help adjust circadian rhythms . Apparently that’s how our body naturally produces it anyway.

What’s The Common Dosage?

The commonly recommended daily dose usually ranges between 0.5 – 5 milligrams which is sufficient for most people even those with insomnia!

However ,it has been reported severe cases may require upto 10-30 milligrams which greatly exceeds max allowed doses in some countries.

If you imagine your U.S military-personnel briefing reports starangely? then simply put all these dosages make up bulk or retail masses(sold everywhere) hence limiting potential harms requires regulating governments around the world to exercise due diligence.

Do You Need A Prescription For Melatonin?

Even though Melatoning supplements are over-the-counter, there are stringent prescriptions required just like any other medication type :). So if anyone ever whispers suggests otherwise politely dismiss such conversations!!

How Long Does It Last In Your System?

After taken orally, melatonin will reach peak levels within about an hour, after which point your body will begin steadily breaking it down as part of its natural process (using something named Cyp2c19). Typically half of what was ingested would be eliminated within four hours whereby physiological enzymatic processes degrade excess amount into biologically useful compounds .

There have also been reports indicating “melatonins short half-life throughout rapid period yet consists of effects lasting throughout said duration”(again ubiquitous scientific sources).

Other Benefits Of Taking Melatonin

Melatonin as a supplement has been known to aid with other issues beside insomnia. For example, it’s reported to reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, providing some more proof that this substance does have positive effects on the body.

# Melatonin for Jet Lag?

Even if someone is traveling long-distance and needs to adjust their internal clock due to flying through multiple time zones; melatonin supplements can be particularly helpful in regulating sleep patterns back into alignment with what they are accustomed too .

In conclusion there is actually minimal negative consequences from prescribed doses or even slightly exceeded…so taking melatoning responsibly should provide some spacey dreams(as an aside)!

That being said when consuming any drug/supplement its always best safe legal routes ;)…Try asking your physician at all times .

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