Does sulphur make your hair grow?

Have you heard of the latest hair growth trend? It’s all about sulphur! Rumor has it that sulphur could be the secret to luscious, healthy hair. But is there any truth to this claim? Can adding a little bit of stinky sulphur to your daily routine really make your hair strands grow stronger and longer?

Understanding Sulphur

Before diving deep into the topic, let’s first understand what sulphur actually is. For those whose chemistry classes feel like a distant memory, sulphur (S) is an essential mineral found in our body which plays a crucial role in maintaining human health.

It is involved in many biological processes such as synthesizing collagen (a crucial structural protein), regulating metabolism and even boosting our immune system!

Why Is It Good for Hair Health?

Now that we know how important sulfur can be for our overall health; it won’t surprise you when I say that it also does wonders for our hair health.

Our hair consists mostly of a protein called keratin. Keratin has sulfide bonds present – These bond types are responsible for creating curls/waves/fullness/texture within each strand. Sulfate compounds improve keratin synthesis hence raising sulfur concentration around these bonds thereby preserving hairs structure well over time.

Reasons To Increase Sulphur Intake

If you’re experiencing any issues related to your tresses’ thickness or length —including slow hair growth, dry brittle texture—then supplementing with elemental sulfur might be just what you need & here’s why:

  • Stimulates Collagen : You don’t need me telling how important good collagen volume cna beto healthy hairs.
  • Regenerates damaged cells: Regenerating the cells that surround follicles prevents damage transfer!
  • Increases Blood flow: Increased blood supply transfers oxygen and essential minerals for growth!
  • Improves pH balance: A balanced scalp is essential!

All in all, sulphur promotes a healthy and conducive environment for hair cells to grow strong.

Forms of Sulphur

Typically there are two forms of sulfur – organic and inorganic.

Organic form

This form occurs naturally as the mineral MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane). The most common method to intake it for better results is through supplements(available over-the-counter) or by consuming food rich in Sulfur.

Common Foods Rich In Sulfur

Food Sulfur Content (mg/gm)
broccoli 0.22
cauliflower 0.14
eggs 1.2
garlic 4-65

You can get creatie while cooking with these ingredients -such as making use of them on salads,sauces or pasta dishes if you don’t like their taste alone.

Just be sure not to go overboard with any single serving size since high level intakes could cause flatulence!

Inorganic Form

Inorganic sulfur has large molecule structure which makes absorbtion difficult & realitives utilization rates low .
Some commonly used products that contain “inorganic” sulfurs:
– Sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS)
– Ammonium lauryl sulfate(ALS)
Molecules too big be absorbed into bloodstream/nearly every shampoo has this! Luckily frequent washing doesn’t allow buildup so containing a small amount isn’t harmful

How To Incorporate Sulpher Into Our Haircare Routine?

Ok folks let’s recount previously learned benefits about sulphur…minus sore nostrils,
Luckily, incorporating it into your hair care routine does not necessarily mean smelling like rotten eggs!

Here are some easy ways to add sulfur into your hair care regimen:

1. Sulfur-Rich Shampoos

Several sulphate-free shampoos have sulfur-rich ingredients to promote a healthy environment for growth – such as Achroactive Max Dandruff Control & Hair Regrowth shampoo

(Consult professionals before purchasing)

2. Supplements

Supplements that contain MSM(methylsulfonylmethane) can be helpful in maintaining glamuous textured hairs over time . Most supplements are marketed towards joint paints but often include fair amounts of non-toxic trace elements support.

(The most important thing when choosing right supplement is research trustworthy brands & consulting with physician.)

We hope through these tips you could achieve even better looking vibrant hairs…or at least stop loosing ’em!

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