Does subway have vegetarian subs?

If you’re a herbivore or simply trying to cut down on meat, you may wonder whether one of the world’s most famous sandwich makers offers vegetarian options. Well, friendo, the answer is yes!

Subway has been catering to vegetarians since 2006, which means there are lots of tasty ways to enjoy plant-based subs and salads without ever having to suffer through another boring PB&J (sorry-not-sorry).

Hold onto your veggie hats – we’re about to take you on a journey of green fillings and unusual pairings.

The Veggie Patty

Have you tried Subway’s Veggie Patty? This patty is made with vegetables like carrots, corn peas not only putting it in the vegetarian category but healthy too! With only six grams of fat per serving (that’s comparable to turkey), this filling option is often overlooked by people who don’t think veggies can be just as filling as any other sub.

The patties themselves are pre-formed and then baked before being sent out for use in subs – so if fast food intimidates your culinary expertise then rest assured that it doesn’t get easier than a pre-made veggie patty sandwich from subway!

Beyond Meatball Marinara

Nope, I’m not joking – this real item exists! It features Beyond Meat plant-based meatballs smothered in mouth-watering marinara sauce with melted cheese atop all their freshly baked bread varieties. You’ll never look back when pushed away the urge for that delicious meaty flavor again.

This little guy packs an impressive punch regarding nutritional benefits such as no cholesterol almost zero saturated fats compared against regular meatball subs. So go ahead and try that vegan lifestyle-no one said it couldn’t include ‘junk’ food!

Plant-Based Protein

Talking about brands like Impossible Foods have already set records worldwide for producing whole new categories of vegan-friendly meat options. And Subway has using them as the vegetarian protein option in their Veggie Delite, making it able to satisfy any craving for something savory and substantial with all new plant-based flavors.

Go ahead and feel smug about saving yourself a few calories (we won’t tell!), but remember these non-meat alternatives are relatively high in sodium, so make sure you pair your sandwich with fresh salad or water!

Vegetable Medley

If just piling on crunchy veggies is your choice when ordering sandwiches- this sandwich will definitely hit the spot! Which will leave you wondering how things have changed since those early “how-to-make-a-subway-sandwich” days by enhancing your sub game than ever before.

Crisp cucumbers, juicy tomatoes sliced red onions combined up with green peppers placed atop soft bread lathered thickly moistened olive oil – this combo hits right at home plate! Add some sweet white onions rings for an extra pop to crunch ratio that’s filling and packed full of flavor.

Fresh Toasted Sandwiches

Crust still on don’t even bother cutting off the ends whilst not trying ham-and-cheese version which can turn into tasty subs after cooking? You can toast any vegetarian version of Subway’s famous subs- ensuring an additional layer of heat for melting cheese plus roasting vegetables perfectly while producing minimal burnage simply adding that much-needed excitement factor.

You’re already halfway there if one selects a classic Italian combination stacked high alongside all your favorite crisp toppings involved undoubtedly sealed together between oven-fresh bread slices awaiting that perfect mouth-watering first bite (ahhhhh!) Be careful – this toasted goodness may become a permanent addition to any future orders!

The Classic Footlong

Last but certainly not least because let us face it-sized does indeed matter every once in awhile in regards to Subway foot longs. A particularly exciting menu item in the vegetarian category is a veggie version of classic footlong sub—the Veggie Delite. Piled high with lettuce, tomato and cucumbers, you get that satisfying crunch with every bite.

For the real veggies out there (we’re talking to you too, vegan friends), it’s important to note that in order for this sandwich to remain completely plant-based, one has got to stick with vegan-friendly condiments like mustard or vinaigrette sauce available at most Subway locations.

The Bottom Line

Subway offers countless options when it comes down to choices for those looking veg-forward subs/stuffings things into bread piles of blissfulness (or salad lovers alike!). So next time your stuck on food frontiers where options are limited yet must fulfil both hunger cravings and an insatiable desire for only veggies – go ahead pop-in any Subway joint knowing all these delicious catering possibilities await!

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