Does soy milk make you break out?

Soy milk is quite popular among vegans, the lactose intolerant and people who are simply allergic to cow’s milk. Despite its popularity, there have been concerns that drinking soy milk might cause breakouts on the skin.

The myth about soy causing acne has been around for a while now, and it only seems to get worse. So much so that every time someone sees a pimple or two after consuming soybean products they start stripping and running around in panic like their hair’s on fire.

But hey, don’t worry! I’m here to save you from all this drama by answering the million-dollar question once and for all- does Soy milk make you breakout?

What Is Soy Milk?

Before we dive into whether soy milk causes acne, let’s first understand what exactly it is.

Soy milk is made from whole soybeans or dry ones soaked in water. After soaking them overnight or boiling them until soft enough to blend thoroughly into liquid form results in creamy soymilk with varying thickness/consistency which makes it an acceptable substitute of animal-based dairy products especially as a beverage & coffee creamer.. And yes, just like any other plant-based food source; it contains nutrients such as vitamins (B2), minerals (calcium) & fiber – good things overall!

What Are Breakouts?

Breakouts refer to pimples specifically caused by clogged pores leading up inflammed patch of your skins There can be numerous factors contributing towards developing blemishes including poor diet,hormonal fluctuations,stress levels etcetera but ingesting anything new doesn’t always correlate with immediate outburst unless one already possess severe intolerance opposed generally in otherwise healthy folks .

Allergies Vs Intolerance: How They Affect Skin

Severe allergies can definitely cause rashes right away when encountering causative allergens while intolerances primarily affect internal organs such as the stomach, intestines or lungs- but For mild to moderate allergies/intolerance; Breakouts are not a common symptom.

Anyways moving towards Soy milk .

Does Soy Milk Trigger Acne?

The fact is the answer really depends on who you ask – natural skin scientists say there’s no hard scientific evidence linking soy with breakouts acne , whereas anecdotal reports suggests : Yes, in some people.

Considering everyone has unique bio chemistry thus reacts individually plus many other variables involved ; it’s difficult to pinpoint any particular cause for each case. However ingestions of excessive iodine (found abundantly in seaweed & shellfish) through plant based foods sources can potentially flare up certain type of zits in predispose individuals and considering soybean products happen to be one of them so it could trigger acne . To top that severity varies from person-to-person which make things even harder!

What The Studies Reveal About Soy And Acne

Research studies done on this topic reveals mixed findings-

  1. A 2016 review conducted showed null association between consuming soy and development of acne.
  2. Another study published suggest women who consumed more than half tablespoonfuls od cow milk protein daily were linked with increased occurrence pimples compared those consume lower doses
    3.An additional research pointed out increase likelihood suffering from breakout double fold among females post-puberty within a week after increasing their Iodine exposure.

So like we thought initially: there isn’t just yet concrete evidence blaming solely Soy intake into causation of regular outbreaks but different factors do absolutely play pivotal roles .

Switching From Cow Milk To Soy Milk May Help

However milk-based diary might have greater impact since cow’s milk contain specific hormones + inflammatory agents that interferes worsen underlying inflammation issues likely contributing factor behind diff types zits forming over face chin jawline etc For people whose case is hormonal & tied up majorly with hormone fluctuation either during menstrual cycle or menopause, switching from cow’s milk to soy might result in improvement because plant based dairy alternative may not impact same way .

Other Possible Causes For Breakouts

Don’t blame Soy Milk just yet ! According to Skin dermatologists; there could be a number of potential reasons why someone experiences pimples, acne and breakouts at any age. Here are some possible culprits:


Did you know that stress can ultimately lead towards clogged pores ,enlarged oil glands in skin causing excess sebum production? This increased oil secretion obstructs the normal function of skin pores thus providing favorable environment for breakout. Hence making relaxation practices an integral part of daily routine benefitting different aspects along side curbing rare chance of new zits popping out !


Do you often forget sanitizing Face mask frequently used or keeping pillowcase spic-and-span? Believe it or not but these little things contribute a great deal towards better overall hygiene which leads healthier than before! Otherwise dirty masks/uncleaned bedding allows proliferation harmful microorganisms on top while obstructing natural breathability through covering paths leading crazy amounts irritation inflammation ending up getting transformed nasty blemishes.


One should always carefully analyze its food consumption- Unhealthy diet patterns directly related flare ups on skins including overconsumption sugar products(adversely affects insulin), Fatty foods (lowers blood flow) & processed snacks(skips nutrient components essential body health); helps bring about any noticeable change after various trials ? Dietary habits play key roles especially where it concerns internal organs + outer appearance both!

Apart from these aforementioned underlying factors other things also have significant effect on our skin like environmental exposure – pollution dirt/dusts etcetera genetics certain medications(steroids cortisone hypothyroidism prescription drugs )Sensitivities/intolerance to specific food ingredient (dairy,soy,gluten ,nuts eggs etc..)


In conclusion; What have we learned here folks? Soy Milk may uniquely affect you milder or adversely to a greater extent depending on the level of sensitivity organ-problems like malfunctioning stomach & liver necessitate lower doses . otherwise It is not conclusively tied neither as magic elixir responsible for single handedly bouncing up pimples overnight nor absolutely harmless. Instead it should be taken keeping in mind its effects according to individual case across every spectrum and experts suggest one should remain persistent in monitoring their diet exercise sleep schedule while taking other preventive measures ‘if’ there persists sporadic zits.

That’s all folks! See- turning point isn’t what concerns anyone when at fingertips presenting comprehensive article but stay relaxed read through so that your skin won’t suffer consequences just because of soybeans.

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