Does sevin kill ticks and fleas?

If there’s one thing that can ruin a perfectly good summer day outdoors, it’s ticks and fleas. These pesky critters seem to be everywhere, from camping trips to backyard barbecues. But fear not, dear reader! There may be a solution to your tick and flea problems – Sevin.

What is Sevin?

Sevin is an insecticide that has been used for over 50 years in the agriculture industry to control pests like aphids and caterpillars. It contains carbaryl as its active ingredient which acts on the nervous system of insects leading ultimately to death.

Is Sevin Safe for Pets?

Before we dive into whether or not Sevin works against ticks and fleas, let’s address an important question – Is it safe for pets? The short answer- NO The use of seviin comes with potential harm if misused or improperly administered around pets. Exposure could lead to skin irritations or more serioulsy vomitting among other toxicities since carbamates (the class of compounds where carbaryl belongs) targets cholinesterase enzymes responsible nervous system activities such as muscle movements including breathing.
Just because something might work doesn’t necessarily mean you should use it willy-nilly; always take precautions when using pesticides/herbicides at home especially ones like carcinogens that contain nerve agents harmful to humans animals alike.

Here are some safety tips while using this chemical compound:

  • Do NOT apply seviin directly onto your pet!
  • Keep your pet away from any areas sprayed with sevincarbazone
  • Always follow label instructions
    • In particular look out for dosage instruction commensurate adding enough water before administering appropriately

Now that we’ve cleared up safety concerns, let’s move on: Will Sevin help get rid of those pesky pests?

How does Sevin work?

Sevin works by disrupting the nervous system of insects which results in their demise (bring out the popcorn). It is commonly used on crops and in gardens to control a variety of pests. Carbaryl, Sevin’s active ingredient, targets cholinesterase enzymes responsible for nerve activity.

Can Sevin kill ticks and fleas?

The answer is YES! According to a study done at Louisiana State University, seviin was effective against both large and small dog ticks as well as brown dog ticks during different testing periods while also providing significant protection from flea bites when properly administered under recommended dosage. All it takes for this solution is Two cups of water mixed with three tablespoons or 1 fluid ounce seviin dust is enough to do the trick.

Note:ensure checking specific pesticide compunds that are fit specifically for your targeted insect populations

But wait, there’s more!


  • Cost-effective
  • Quick-acting (effects usually seen within hours)
  • Proven effectiveness against a range of insects
    • From aphids and caterpillars to tick/fleas so you need not purchase multiple pesticides.


  • Potential safety risks if not handled properly or ingested( recall Exposure section)
  • The package has been identified as having poor packaging leading often times easy spillages.

How can I Use Sevin on my pet?

As previously highlighted STAY AWAY FROM DIRECT APPLICATIONS ON PET SKIN but rather use sprays near pet sleeping areas or tight spaces where pests could feed/do harm like crevices. Also referred back earlier dosages directive avoid over-application eg too concentrated solutions will cause irritation even triggering hyperactivity which doesn’t help anyone.

Additionally check labels since varitions exist among pesticide formulators instructions always remember they are directives .Its worth consulting vet before administering any treatments that involve chemicals particularly around humans children pregnant women etc.


Sevin may just be the answer to your tick and flea problems. It’s proven to be effective against a range of insects, including ticks and fleas, while also being cost-effective. However, it should always be used with caution around pets as well as humans due to its toxicity profile – carbamates are nothing to play around with! Remember; read the label directions before use and put safety first.

So go forth and enjoy your summer days without fear of those pesky critters ruining your fun! With Sevin’s help ,paradise awaits anyone willingtake on~ TickPocalypse 2021

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