Does seltzer cause cellulite?

Have you been sipping on your beloved bubbly water, only to hear whispers that it might actually be causing your cellulite? Fear not, dear reader! We are here to dive (pun intended) into the truth behind this myth and give you a definitive answer.

What is Cellulite?

Before we get into whether or not seltzer causes cellulite, let’s start with what cellulite actually is. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “cellulite is a common condition in which skin appears dimpled or lumpy due to underlying fat deposits.”

So essentially, it’s just fat beneath the skin that has a specific appearance. It often appears on areas such as the thighs and buttocks and affects women more than men.

The Bubble Belief

The rumor that seltzer causes cellulite stems from the idea that consuming carbonated beverages can dehydrate our bodies because they contain carbon dioxide (CO2) gas. This lack of hydration supposedly leads to decreased blood flow in certain areas resulting in less elasticity and increased visibility of cellulite.

But don’t worry about hitting up your local dry cleaner for some plastic bubble wrap just yet!

Debunking Dehydration Delusions

First off – drinking plain ol’ water does wonders when it comes to staying hydrated but drinking soda all day can indeed cause some dehydration issues. However…drinking unsweetened sparkling water like seltzer simply does not create enough CO2 bubbles entering the body’s tissues (carbonation). In fact, many people find themselves reaching for bubbly drinks precisely because they feel thirsty and those lovely little bubbles helps their stomach stay full longer AND encourage better digestion 🧐 So if anything- high-quality natural mineral waters containing appropriate amounts of minerals may even help reduce bloating caused by excessive salt intake-the exact opposite outcome of cellulite.

Cellulite is the Devil, But Seltzer Is Not Its Friend

It’s important to remember that cellulite isn’t caused by one specific thing. Sure, being dehydrated could potentially make it more visible, but there are a myriad of factors at play ― genetics, hormones and diet lifestyle being only some examples. In fact stressing over bubble health and your daily dose of spring water such as perrier might be the catalyst for causing you distress-and THAT can indeed cause inflammation! Stressing out causes our bodies to release cortisol which encourages cells under stress to store virtually an unlimited amount of anything-everything into fat cells-which increases their size 😓

Sure we wish life was simple enough so you could just blame seltzer for all your body imperfections (hence why big soda companies totally adore paying off influencers making false claims) Honestly-sometimes doing all things natural in moderation lets us relax->stress less 👍 So while staying hydrated may help reduce bloating or soften signs of lumpy skin (that many women truly feel they shouldn’t have -but let’s face it – most humans do!) don’t cureate stress-because how & what we eat also contribute towards elastin in our legs once sheathed inside collagen fibers 🤯

If avoiding seltzer happens to bring back horrid flashbacks on summer boredom having pickled ourselves with Red Bull causing excruciating toothaches ;friends if cavities is your main concern- go sparkly yet sugar-free-either opt-out skip syrupy sodas altogether or use whitening charcoal along with good oral hygiene habits ♥️ Frequent consumption ->instead picked up using sophisticated software + normal human studies (Also yes this was achieved without having pre-schooler panic attacks) ,sodas become trapped within dental crevices therefore contributing to decay = cavity town 🦷

While this doesn’t seem so great – your teeth have been trying to warn you all these years! If you chose carbinated waters or seltzer over dental issues-then high five 👊 bubbles do not really harm our bodies in any way for long-term. And while sparking waters may have their nitpicky drawbacks, flossing and brushing at regular intervals are key to keeping inflammation caused overwhelmingly-sugar-laden diet in-check . Which ultimately holds the power of weight-influencers–therefore cellulite – reduction ♥️

With that out of the way, there are a few actual factors that can contribute to worsening cellulite:


If your momma had it and her’s before? There is truth behind genetics determining luck; It seems like some people’s skin simply has a genetic predisposition towards showing more visible signs of cellulite.


Estrogen plays a big role when it comes to women’s thighs & buttocks due to its effect on blood vessels. Specifically during puberty, pregnancy or experiencing peri-menopause/menopause an increase/decrease estrogen substantially fluctuates resulting into unevenly deposited adipose tissue (ie fat cells).

Lifestyle Factors

You knew this was coming – an unhealthy lifestyle contributes primarily where healthy choices aren’t being made⭐ Regular exercise isn’t just good for overall health but helps control body-fat levels which definitely count (!!). Trans fats + processed sugary foods never ever give us good results-Careful attention aimed at daily caloric intake ->healthy balanced multi-fiber/lean protein with appropriate amounts of sugar also lead towards less liklihood appearing cellutlicious-if at all.

So what IS bad for cellulite? Anything thats non-natural AND overall unpping general stages of healthiness…including extremely tight clothing🙄, lack of sun exposure ☀️, rudeness and abruptness with strangers…. ok we threw the last 2 in for fun- but you get our point 😉

To wrap things up (pun also intended), seltzer does not cause cellulite. While being dehydrated can make it more visible, drinking unsweetened bubbly water in moderation is A-okay! There are tons of other factors that contribute to cellulite including genetics ,hormones/ageing and diet/lifestyle choices such as regularly consuming natural mineral water without synthetic sweeteners or food additives-help reduce bloating enhance bathroom digestions-soak up essential minerals-taste pretty good-and feel-good be happy 🙌

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