Does sea kelp help hair grow faster?

Are you tired of staring at your follicly-challenged reflection in the mirror? Looking for a miracle cure to get that Rapunzel-esque hair you’ve always dreamed of? Look no further than sea kelp! That’s right, we’re here to dive deep into the world of seaweed and discover if it’s really true that sea kelp helps hair grow faster.

What is Sea Kelp?

Sea kelp, or seaweed, is a type of marine algae found in coastal waters around the world. It can be found in various forms such as kombu, dulse and our favorite name: Bladder wrack (nope not kidding!). It’s packed with nutrients like iodine, vitamin E, calcium and iron – all things essential for healthy hair growth.

Despite its long-standing reputation as a potent hair-growth aid many skeptics ask about its efficacy. But there are indeed studies that support this theory. In one study conducted on mice (poor little guys) they were fed with Oral Administration Bladder Wrack Extract Solution (’cause who wouldn’t want to start their day with some Bladder Wrack extract?- joking!) for 28 days. Results showed increased cell activity within the follicles – leading researchers to believe that bladderwrack may indeed boost keratinocytes hence promoting stronger healthier looking locks!

Moreover according to Monique Ramierz QMU Hair Expert “Adequate nutritional status is crucial for optimising conditions throughout your body responsible from beautiful skin & shiny strands.” And fun-fact time: With regard used externally- folklore believes seaweed was used by Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago alongside oil & honey treatments/wraps aimed at boosting moisture levels pretending damaged/cut ends & reducing breakage overall.

So How Does Sea Kelp Help Hair Grow Faster?

Sea kelp is high in iodine (yay for breakfast-extract) which can help stimulate the thyroid gland, leading to a boost in metabolism and increased hair growth. As sea kelp also contains iron, it helps improve circulation to the scalp and nourish hair follicles – this means: Growth stimulation!

Additionally its fucoidan content (a carbohydrate found in brown algae such as bladder wrack) which according to research possesses anti-inflammatory & cell-inhibiting properties- this interference may lead body/skin/hair cells into restarting their activity resulting faster renewal and repair!

Oh yes my friend get ready.

  • Deep Conditioner — Its gel-like acids blend with proteins forming an outer spiral protective layer assisting elements retention/blocking humidity out- leaving behind shiny handleable locks!

  • Dandruff Buster — Dermatitis/stress are among culprits causing oil deficiency-causing skin/scalp-dryness (aka flaky dryened flakes/itchiness not your #hairgoals), however if you grab yourself some seaweed infused shampoos/treatments packed with antioxidants – they could assist in reducing inflammation/dryness allover and promote moisturisation!

  • Scalp Protection — Antioxidants fights against free radicals that damage cells (bell peppers have competition!) And because of its mineral rich composition-heavy metal pollutants affecting human health incl. metals from household product come separately left field!: However Sea kelp can act like a detoxifier by binding itself to these toxins helping them flush whilst shielding scalp/hair strands from any harm environment poses on daily basis.

Not bad eh? But we’re only just getting started.

How Can You Use Sea Kelp On Your Hair?

There are various ways to use sea kelp on your hair:

  • Shampoo and conditioner: You can opt for a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that contain sea kelp. This is an easy way to incorporate it into your hair care routine.

  • DIY hair masks: Mix some liquid kelp extract with coconut oil and honey for a hydrating hair mask. Apply this mixture on your hair once per week, leave it on for 30 minutes, then rinse it off thoroughly (Hey Siri add Kombu – Coconut Oil- Honey trip)!)

  • Supplements: If you’re not keen on applying sea kelp directly to your hair or just want quick/easy intake only, you could always consider supplements in capsule form!

Are There Any Risks Associated With Using Sea Kelp On Hair?

Before embarking any new revolutionary routines we recommend speaking with health-care provider first especially if existing diagnoses or ongoing medications exist/have history of allergies/seaweed intolerance as reactions may occur due to iodine presence albeit small traces which vary product-to-product/type-of-kelp-so again consult first. Worst-case scenario inspite precautions; overdose/large variations consumption have been reported attributing damage cause towards thyroid disease..just our two cents ; better safe than sorry!

When done properly/seeking proper adequate advice use there are potential benefits from incorporating seaweed extracts/products by making sure correct levels iodine ingested through diet/talking revampable doses/capsules direction taking appropriate advices. So go ahead give those locks some love!