Does scabies spread?

Scabies is a skin infestation that occurs due to the presence of tiny mites known as Sarcoptes scabiei. It’s caused by direct skin-to-skin contact with an infected person, but does it spread more than that? Let’s dive into the world of scabies and explore all about its contagious nature.

What is Scabies?

Before we delve deeper into whether scabies spreads or not, let’s understand what it is. Scabies infestation causes itching and rashes on the skin, primarily on areas such as fingers, wrists, elbows, armpits, waistline, genitals and buttocks. These symptoms can continue for weeks until proper treatment is received.

The mites are not visible to our eyes without a microscope because they burrow under the skin which makes them challenging to diagnose initially.

Why Is Scabies Contagious?

Like mentioned earlier in this article (screeeaaammm!!!) , scabies spreads via close physical contact with an already infected person (gross if you ask me). When there’s any prolonged close contact through activities such a sex or hugs (cold sweat.. Gulp!), that’s when these little demons will hop from their current host to someone new – potentially us!!

Even though most people will be disgusted at having sexual interaction with someone currently dealing with active infestation; sometimes those parasites do slip through undetected (sweating profusely now)…

This parasitic condition doesn’t always get passed along just through humans either. Pets like cats and dogs can also carry mites related to different species of Sarcoptes which means cuddling up with your beloved pet might give us even more reasons for concern!

Karaoke Nights were designed bring laughter & joy… they’ve been outed!!!! According to recent research studies done in Korea (Wtf!?), karaoke microphones are germ and parasite havens (literally screaming 😰😭)!!!

But let’s not forget about hygiene; sharing bedding or clothing can lead to spreading the mites, especially unwashed sheets (hint hint). I mean come on, nobody wants a bed bug-like parasitic STD (never leaving my room again 🚪💥).

Can Scabies Spread Through Air?

Scabies is primarily spread through skin-to-skin contact. There isn’t any proven data stating that it spreads via air particles. Research done hasn’t found evidence supporting infestation when in close proximity to someone with scabies so we should be relatively safe… or as they say “If you can smell the infected person, you might be socially TOO close”! (table drops, throws computer off balcony)

How Likely Is It To Contract Scabies?

To catch this condition naturally & organically (stalker alert!!) , one must have prolonged direct physical contact with an infected individual whose symptoms manifest clearly. Among others at risk are individuals who share clothing or spend the night between infested bedsheets -I’m looking at YOU cutesy couple on your public display of affection date-night double bed escapade (gross!).

Yet even Doctors themselves could get infected! The idea still sets me into high heels sprint mode…. if it appears as though those wonderful people performing our medical procedures need medication prescribed too then what chance do we mere mortals have?!

How Long Does Scabies Last On Fomites and Other Inanimate Objects?

Extreme cases of itching usually signal freshly hatched parasites – which means getting rid of contaminate items such bedding will eliminate newly buried & waiting young lings!

It dies 1-2 days after evacuation by host living cells out-side of human skin due to lack of sustenance… long story short? Cleaning wisely will reduce risks drastically!

Most people would rather not discuss flammable bug spray usage or doing laundry with the eyes of a hawk….

How Can We Prevent Scabies?

The best way to prevent scabies is to avoid extended direct contact to anyone infected. Avoiding their bed covers.. I mean them in general, sharing personal items like clothing and bedding will decrease infectivity drastically.

Maintaining good hygiene habits such as regular showering (with soap preferably lol) and wearing clean clothes can help too.


Scabies typically isn’t something that spreads via air particles but could still easily spread through physical-touch contact, mainly when prolonged exposure occurs. Cleaning contaminated objects immediately by washing traditionally: expecting parasites with bleach only makes us feel more paranoid.

Ignoring precautionary measures makes it super easy for these mites to stick around on lonely bed-sheet fibers whilst looking for its next host.
So if you’d rather not end up becoming another cartoon character “Aaa-choo-ed” into the terrifying world of scabies-infestation; prevention is key!
P.S. See what nitty-gritty sarcasm infused investigative journalism can do? 😉