Does rubbing vicks on your chest help a cold?

We’ve all been there: you wake up with a nagging cough, a congested nose and general feeling of malaise that can only mean one thing – the dreaded cold has struck again. And like most of us, your first instinct is probably to reach for some over-the-counter remedies or natural remedies to fight off the symptoms.

One such remedy that’s often touted as being particularly effective is rubbing Vicks on your chest. It’s said to ease congestion, alleviate coughs and soothe sore muscles – but does it really work? In this article we’ll be finding out whether rubbing Vicks on your chest can really help combat a cold (Spoiler alert: yes it does).

What is Vicks Vaporub?

Before we get into how exactly — if any — rubbing vapor rub helps fight against cold symptoms (including how many gems are actually hidden in the jar), let’s start with what exactly Vick’s Vaporub cream is made from.

Vick’s Vaporub (also commonly known just as ‘Vaporub’ or even ‘VapoRub’ hails) comes under the camp of topical analgesics which means these are painkillers spread onto the skin rather than taken orally). The ointment usually comes packaged in small dark blue jars and comprises several active ingredients including menthol (2.6%), camphor (5.2%) and eucalyptus oil (1.2%).

These ingredients combined altogether gives vapor-rub its recognizably powerful scent, an effect that indeed make some users nearly addicted to inhalation therapy —as well as its ability to relieve nasal congestion when applied directly beneath nostrils during bad flare-ups) .

Just How Effective Is Menthol Really At Easing Congestion Anyway?

Menthol isn’t unique- other common medications containing menthol as an active ingredient include throat lozenges, cough drops and inhalers. Acording to several studies, menthol is believed to help relieve cold symptoms by simulating a cooling sensation on the skin that can provide temporary relief of nasal congestion when applied locally around the congested areas.

How Does Vick’s Vaporub Help with Cold Symptoms?

Now we’ve established why Vicks works as it does; let’s see how exactly so many people believe that rubbing this powerful ointment onto their chest actually helps tackle colds head-on.

It Helps Clear Congestion

One effect often attributed to Vaporub (hence the term’vapor’) , is its ability to clear up congestion or act as a decongestant. When rubbed onto your chest (or just below your nose), Vapors from vapor rub gently trickles across our facial circulation. This alone tends to pose almost immediate benefits because it moistens dried out mucous membrane within seconds after application, doing wonders for blocked nasal passages and helping you breathe again better than before!

It Relieves Coughs

Another symptom commonly associated with colds is coughing – particularly during night times! Luckily, this proven folk-remedy helps suppress minor episodes of coiughs too!

How does it work? Sweating has long been touted as being beneficial in relieving burns but also can help keep everyone relaxed — Though VaporUB doesn’t actually cause sweating itself, it have certain ingredients such as petrolatum oil which create viscous texture that holds all antitoxic properties together well enough against external elements like chill air —So in essence when you apply few grams of vicks atop chest area before tucking-in & switch off lights fancying much good-night dreams, expect more sweating along sound sleeps involving cute inspirational ideas!

It Can Ease Aches And Pains

One particularly beloved way some users swear by using Vicks Vaporub is for the relief of aches and pains (such as sore muscles or general fatigue). This is largely because menthol, camphor and eucalyptus oil all have slightly numbing effects that can help soothe pain when absorbed through the skin near site of complaints.

It Can Provide Relief from Other Symptoms

In addition to helping relieve congestion, coughs and aches – some people find that rubbing Vicks on their chest also helps with other cold symptoms like minor headaches, muscle tension or even period cramps! The oils within vapor rub along with its creamy texture tend to give more focus on best sweet fragrances instead in sinus areas which significantly reduced headache throbbing too.

But how exactly does applying an ointment like this seem to benefit so many different uses at once? According to users’ reviews posted over-the-net —The combined effect of all these active medication ingredients translates into oxy-hyperaemia which simply means increased blood flow — thereby boosting body’s immunity right where it needs extra support!

Are There Any Side Effects?

Now while there are undoubtedly plenty of benefits associated with using Vicks Vaporub – some people may still be hesitant about slapping scoops full directly onto their chest perhaps out-of-concerns of negative consequences similar medicines may cause. So let’s look at potential side-effects!

While rare cases of allergic reactions has been reported by limited fraction aforementioned hosts showing high sensitivities toward all three cardinal ingredients used in almost equal amounts—mild irritation at treated area might be felt before long- particularly if sensitive / pre-existing medical conditions exists anywhere nearby applications sites

So we’ve established what Vicks Vaporub is made up off; looked at why/how it becomes effective especially against common-cold symptioms, how it could potentially help with such symptoms and any potential side-effects. But are these benefits backed up by science or is it simply the placebo effect?

The truth is, while there’s not exactly a huge amount of scientific research that has been done specifically into Vicks Vaporub’s effectiveness against colds – many users over decades attest to positive results!

So if you’re currently feeling under-the-weather and looking for some immediate-or last minute relief (or still cannot stop tantalizing aroma emanating from vapor rub), why not try rubbing some of this powerful ointment onto your chest or beneath nose — taking note on severity-levels first, followed medications instructions strictly before undertaking any applications.

Before long at all, you might just find yourself breathing easier again before almost turning back the impression clock (no shenanigans intended)!

### Pros ### Cons
– Acts as decongestant – Risk of allergies & irritations
– Relieves minor coughs – Strong smell can be offputting

In conclusion: Whilst vaping vaporub probably won’t cure your cold completely overnight — It may indeed effectively alleviate associated bothersome symptioms like congestion relief in nasal pathways and encourage warmth body soothing pains instead which taken together makes staying productive way easier even for people stuck indoors.

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