Does rogaine work for thinning hair?

Rogaine works best in people with hereditary hair loss at the vertex of the scalp (the area at the back of the head, just under the crown) or for women with general thinning of hair on the top of the scalp. Rogaine isn’t meant for a receding hairline or baldness at the front of your scalp.

Where does Rogaine regrow hair? Rogaine traditionally works by generating new hair growth at the scalp. While Rogaine isn’t designed for eyebrows, researchers are looking at the role of minoxidil for the treatment of eyebrow hypotrichosis (sparse or thin hair).

How long does Rogaine take to work? If you are among the majority of people that find Rogaine to be effective, you can expect to notice results within three months. Sometimes it takes less time to notice, but three months is the longest you should have to wait. For most people, Rogaine stops or slows their hair loss drastically.

How safe is Rogaine? Rogaine is safe to use long term. It is safe for you to continue using this product if you have not noticed any side effects at this point.

How does Rogaine grow hair? Rogaine helps promote hair growth by causing hyperpolarization of your cell membranes. This simply means that it expands your potassium channels and blood vessels. This in turn causes the hair follicles to be infused with more nutrients, blood and oxygen.

Does Rogaine really help grow a beard?

Does Rogaine really help grow a beard? Rogaine may be used to grow beard hair . It can cause dryness of the skin, thus I would suggest using the 5% foam every other day to start out with and then if tolerated, daily thereafter. Currently this fashionable to wear a beard and a symbol of social code in many communities.

Are there any side effects of using Rogaine for hair growth? The most common side effects associated with Rogaine include skin reactions and unwanted hair growth, as noted by Drugs.com. Some people experience dryness, scaling, eczema, itching, irritation or redness at the treated area. Side effects also may include increased facial hair growth, and changes in the texture or color of existing hair.

Does Rogaine thicken the hair you already have? Rogaine can’t cure complete baldness. It stimulates thin hair to thicken and grow in length. Because this action must occur on hair already present, you could say Rogaine only works where there is already some healthy hair. It seems to work a bit better for women than men and will not stop hair loss, only slow the process.

Does Rogaine cause more hair loss? Rogaine, in many individuals, will increase hair loss (sometimes referred to as hair shedding) for up to two weeks (although up to 6 weeks has been reported).