Does prozac cause weight gain or weight loss?

It’s highly commendable to seek ways of improving one’s mental health. It can be life-changing, utterly transformative, et cetera (basically every motivational-ish adjective you can think of). However, as it is with most things in life, there are always side effects – like when you add cheese on a burger. The question is – inseparable twins or separate entities? Well, let’s dive headfirst into the world of antidepressants’ potential weight implications by looking at everyone’s favorite SSRI drug Prozac.

So What Exactly Is Prozac?

To address the elephant in the room first- no prozac won’t turn you blue like Gargamel’s cat Azrael from “The Smurfs”. Fluoxetine hydrochloride alias prozac belongs to a group called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that work by increasing levels of serotonin in your brain. Serotonin is considered the superman among neurotransmitters as it regulates our mood swings much better than Thor wielding Mjolnir.

Prozac arises mainly for managing depression, anxiety disorders such as OCD and bulimia nervosa but could also help alleviate premenstrual dysphoric disorder (aka PMS times ten) symptoms affecting women during their menstrual cycle.

Possible Effects Of Using Prozac

Corresponds to three ‘tees’: tremors(twitching/trembling), tooth grinding and temperature increased:
Those pesky tee-tattlers
Who knew these t-rex-like signs would ensue after chasing gloomy days away?
Tremors; uncontrollable shaking movements result from stimulated neurons responsible for muscle control.
Tooth grinding clinically known as bruxism makes its appearance while asleep…
…and potentially eroding dental structures leading to sensitivity
Increase in thermogenesis as a response to elevated metabolic rate means we produce more heat, sweat or fan ourselves like agitated turkey on Thanksgiving.

Other possible side effects are headaches, nausea (initially) decreased libido(less sex drive), insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) and blurred vision(mostly at onset). It’s crucial always to consult your doctor if there are any after-effects by taking prozac even something unrelated.

I Can’t Stop Eating: The Weight Gain Phase

When it comes down to weight gain and SSRIs, opinions and research articles seem equally split. Prozacs’ history of potentially causing weight issues is intriguing enough for us to explore with some generic theoretical scenarios below:

SSRI scenario 1: Depressed client A begins his/her antidepressant treatment plan – fast-forward three months into the future; he/she’s clocked an extra five kilos without changes in eating habits or physical activities. Could this daily dose be responsible? His/Her best friend Google says YES!

Possible impact signs include fatigue, increased appetite ,which could lead to binge eating/drinking due to heightened cortisol levels(which ramp up our cravings!) therefore finally culminating in heavier-than-normal clients

Although clinical trials generate mixed results – a subset of participants gained significant amounts of fat(the uninvited +1s that won’t go away)- longitudinal studies detected average weight gains may range from approximately two pounds(the end-of-week potato chips serving)to nine pounds(Thanksgiving Day grand absolution) while others do not observe any form of substantial weight change.

However, research shouldn’t negate the fact that many people also experience massive relief through Prozac intake against their depressive symptoms- fortunately for them some drop excesses instead (keep reading)

Or…I’m Losing Weight Like A Boss: The Weight Loss Phase

Many moons ago when Hagrid cries about Dumbledore’s death,you probably thought hell would freeze over before a medication marketed for treating mental disorders received acclaim for weight loss benefits. Yet, it happens – at least in some cases.

When patients’ depressive symptom decrease significantly, appetite can also reduce remarkably by correlation too. SSRIs could eliminate the craving we have to suppress with destructive eating/drinking habits – something people confuse with increased hunger since they need to recover their sanity through food consumption!

Metabolism may perk up – literally increasing from comfortable hibernation state to overdrive.
As our brains produce more serotonin that sends heightened “happy signals”, our body starts burning off excess calories and loses weight as result.One man’s junk is another man’s treasure; one fluoxetine bottle ends others’ confusion!

What Do I Need To Remember When Using Prozac?

As much as you want results -whether they’re related directly or indirectly to your fluctuating weight… THERE ARE OTHER CONSIDERATIONS TO PONDER OVER like:

Dietary Changes
Not because of prozac but for general well-being let’s try avoiding sugary/fatty bites during recovery phase (besides how many feelings were hurt already?).High protein diet components could serve best;
workouts are great(endorphin boost)but be realistic about amount/time without causing serious harm:(e.g., running marathons after an initial run on the first day).
Also important while taking any medicines-let us always confirm if there is no active/harmful contraindications between drug substance + food substance(s)

Consulting Your Doctor:
Children under 18 years old should avoid use of fluoxetine unless otherwise prescribed due increased risk suicide ideation/thought than other age groups
Prozac could mitigate effects of other medications such as blood thinners, ibuprofen amongst others.
While trying prozac,take note(funny name request!) anything unusual e.g.,changes in behavior,mood worsenings as it could be an adverse reaction to medicine.

Remember treatment only work for your betterment when you x-factor self-care aspects into perspective. Take time for rest and adjustment; scale down on caffeine consumption, try hobbies that reduce stress levels: meditation, yoga or pilates(even five-hour movie marathons too-if there is no aggro-ing effect!). All these make pill popping couple with slight life adjustments combined formula for success!

In Conclusion

When considering increased weight implications while using prozac – we discover a lot of conflicting viewpoints within the research space. However, through our many words above(combined use of articulation and copy-paste) whatever opinion(s) suits best should always take cognitive notice potential benefits like increased emotional regulation/ possible alleviation/derepression from deep sadness triggers against side-effects due weight fluctuations might occur.As they say- “An apple a day…” :
let’s evaluate all changes(no matter how little), optimize routines that support us during healing process which puts us(Sadness waves vs person) at forefront!

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