Does pre hypertension need medication?

Do you find yourself constantly worrying about your blood pressure? Has the doctor labeled you with prehypertension, leaving you wondering whether or not medication is necessary? Fear not my friend, for in this article we will explore the world of prehypertension and determine if medication is truly needed.


Hypertension, a condition also known as high blood pressure has been around since humans existed. It’s usually measured by taking two different readings – systolic (the top number) and diastolic(the bottom number). Whenever these numbers are above 120/80 it’s time to seek assistance from medical professionals. However, what happens when one’s readings are consistently around 120-139/80-89mmHg?. That where prehypertension comes into play.

Prehypertension is said to occur when one has consistent systolic reading between 120 and 139, and a diastolic reading between 80 and 89. While it may sound like something straight out of an episode of Dr. House MD, there’s no need to panic just yet ([1]).

What causes Prehypertension?

It won’t surprise you that most people who have hypertension don’t know how they managed to end up on this side of life but let me tell ya common contributing factors include:

  • Age
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Obesity
  • Smoking/Vape usage
  • Stress levels

In addition to the aforementioned causes, genetics also plays its role because high blood pressure tends to run in families ([2]). You know what they say ‘good things come in threes’. In hypertension’s case..not so much!

How does Prehypertension differ from Hypertension?

At first glance, pre-hypertenision may seem pretty benign compared seemingly more harmfull orthostatic hypotension. When it comes to hypertension, there’s increased pressure against the artery walls due to the heart working harder with every beat. Prolonged periods of hypertension can lead to myriad complications such as aneurysms, heart attack or stroke ([3]).

Prehypertension on the other hand only appears when readings are pre- but not post-hypertensive themselves! ([4]). In simple terms,it’s just a range and indicator for potential onset of hypertension. However ,there still remains some thought-conflicts between medical professionals questioning whether medication is truly necessary.

To Medicate Or Not To Medicat: that is question?

You know what they say about opinions; everybody has one. It’s no surprise therefore that physicians prescribe different approaches in handling pre-hypertension based on their expertise .There exists cases where doctors may suggest lifestyle changes like modifications in diet or increasing physical activities before prescribing any medication([5]). This tactic usually serves best given how healthy lifestyle tends towards improving overall well-being regardless of blood pressure levels .

However,in extreme circumstances entire medication regimes are prescribed..why? because #%$! gets real. Doctors prefer having more control over symptoms this way versus leaving patients’ long term health status adjust itself naturally . The medicine options may vary according to specific individual requirements but for most cases,the treatment regime involves having regular visits with client whereby doses being adjusted depending on results presented [6].

The answer whether you desperately require prescription lies within scope and understanding individual general health i.e one size doesn’t fit all!

Lifestyle Change Alternatives

For those who might feel apprehensive undergoing pharmacological intervention (how many syllables did I need here?),lifestyle amelioration can be both effective and satisfying( satisfaction is relative ha!). These however aren’t quite radical enough compared to starting your day at 5am asking yourself “Hmm…what if I started doing Chuck Norris level exercises?”.

Here are several tips on improving ones general health status:

  1. Weight loss – Reduced weight equals a healthier lifestyle thus reducing taxing effort the heart undertakes
  2. Drinking Less Alcohol-3 scoopsnay,one glass thereafter
  3. Smoking cessation – Adopt Okonkwo’s attitude: get rid of it like ”yam pottage after half an hour”;(it won’t kill you) forget hookahs,Cigars and CBD vapes
  4. more physical activity– Using tracks instead of lifts is a tiny but effective approach that will help your body stay fit.
    5.Dietary modifications- Avoid foodstuffs with saturated fats or high sodium content,consum fresh vegetables & fruit

It doesn’t hurt to give these alternative augments physical foreplay before jumping in to prescriptions-anytime one feels out-of-depth call on medical professionals fora better consultation well packed with experience!


So there you have it folks, prehypertension might sound like something straight out of Grey’s Anatomy—without George O’Malley—but I’m here to tell ya it isn’t (or at least not always). It’s quite accessible given consideration towards external factors; the party life… HaHa.I digress. Yes medication may seem daunting as an intervention tool,but hey,lifestyle adjustments affect long-term blood pressure! Make sure you keep tabs on those readings apart from internalizing these quick tips.


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