Does plan b work every time?

Listen up, lads and ladies! It’s time to discuss the elephant in the room – or well, the one haunting your mind right now. Yes, we’re talking about that dreaded moment when you realize your contraception game wasn’t as strong as expected. Enter Plan B – the savior for all accidental mishaps between the sheets.

But hold on a second – does Plan B work every time? Or is it just another false promise created by Big Pharma to keep us under their control? In this article, we’ll be delving deep into the mechanics of emergency contraception (not literally) to answer this question once and for all!

What Is Plan B?

Before delving into whether or not it works every time, let’s get acquainted with what exactly we’re dealing with here. So’Plan B’ isn’t some futuristic master plan cooked up by world leaders; instead, it’s an emergency contraceptive pill that can prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex.

This FDA-approved pill contains higher doses of hormones found in regular birth control pills and aims at preventing ovulation/ fertilization or blocking implantation of a fertilized egg inside the uterus lining (hello medical jargon!).

In other words- Plan B is like Aminé’s “Caroline”- trying hard to stop things from getting too far-gone.

The Dosage

Before popping any type of medication down our throats, isn’t it important to know how much we should take? (see-didn’t use ‘/’)

PlanB requires two pills that need space 12 hours apart – best taken within 72 hours after having intercourse(thesaurus addicts: ‘coitus’). Moreover-than-that:, please ensure you have some food in your stomach before taking these bad boys because otherwise they will head straight towards giving you nausea/vomiting sessions worse than morning sickness itself

Or nearly as bad as a dry heaving session after taking a tequila shot too many.

So Does It Actually Work Every Time?

Ah, the million-dollar question! The answer is – sighs dramatically not really. And that’s not to say Plan B doesn’t work altogether; in most cases, it does manage to prevent pregnancy by nearly 61-95% depending on when you take it.

Let’s break this percentage down before we get carried away with celebratory (but socially distanced) dances.

When You Take Plan B: Key Factors

There are several factors at play when considering whether or not PlanB will work every time including:

  1. Time is of utmost importance when we’re dealing with emergency contraception like PlanB – the faster you act upon having unprotected sex, the better your chances of preventing an unwanted fetus from calling your tummy home for nine months.
  2. Body Weight: As unfair as it sounds those who weigh more have reported lower success rates due to lower estrogen/fluid levels
  3. Age: Just like fine wine, Women’s fecundity(isn’t Google just dandy?) decreases over time especially if they’re over 35 years old and above vs women younger than 18 whose chances could be reduced by half
  4. Certain Medical Conditions: Pray oh dear lord that you don’t suffer from health conditions accommodating amenorrhea or thromboembolism else these might decrease efficacy or worsen side effects.

Is There A Chance Of Failure Even With Correct Usage?

Short answer: unfortunately yes.


The probability of failure is only around five percent if used correctly following recommendations such as visiting physicians clinics/pharmacies which provide counseling services on emergency contraceptives, ensuring proper storage( instead of leaving them lying around on all-day Netflix binge sessions), understanding any possible interaction/contraindications with any other medications, and of course- taking them as instructed.

However, even if you follow all of these rules, there’s still a small chance that emergency contraception won’t work and pregnancy occurs. So do not be surprised by the surprise!

Side Effects

Hey – let’s talk about Plan B side effects! They range from dizziness to abdominal cramps(just like those moments when you’re on stage giving a speech in front of hundreds but forget every single line), diarrhea/vomiting(What? A skinny Netflix-free waist? Worth it!), headaches(fenders) ,and lastly irregular bleeding. But hold on! Remember ladies – this is no excuse for unprotected sex going forward because after all Endometriosis >>> unwanted pregnancies/STDs

Emergency Contraception Isn’t Something To Rely On Regularly

Listen here readers/fans/stalkers out there-don’t rely too heavily (meaning more than once/twice yearly ie-a little Too much) on emergency contraceptive pills like PlanB as the possibility (Jinx alert!)of failure constantly exists alongside changing hormonal levels only creates complications.

In fact (prepare yourselves….),
emergency contraception shouldn’t even BE considered ‘regular’ birth control since it really only serves as a backup option thereafter being overthrown(dethroned-couldn’t resist) by real contraceptives such as condoms/oral contraceptive pills/ IUD devices etc


In conclusion: Does plan B work every time?

Nope-not always folks!, therefore one needs to understand that prevention includes comprehensive knowledge of our bodies rather than solely relying upon pop culture norms or myths deemed ‘worthy’ within social circles.

Just because your best friend “Swears By” does not mean It (shudder) Is All You Need Boo!. Using Reddit threads,trending tweets doesn’t supplement healthcare advice so its better leave your consensual actions to yourselves and take advice from a doctor-all weird side charts are courtesy of irresponsible experimenting.

Plan B is indeed an effective emergency contraceptive, but it’s far more efficient at preventing pregnancy under the right circumstances – ie you took it in time!- A slip-up here might mean game over for safe sex so we’ll stick to the good old fashioned saying prevention is better than cure!

Until next time- goodbye folks or perhaps Goodnight ‘Myths

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