Does plan b make you sick?

Ah, the joys of being a sexually active human being. Sex is great, but let’s be honest here: nobody enjoys worrying about the possibility of unintended pregnancies. Condoms break, birth controls fail – accidents happen. And when they do, we all turn to Plan B as our last resort.

But wait… does Plan B make you sick? Will it leave you with any unpleasant side effects that ruin your day? Fear not! We’ve got all the answers for you in this humorous yet informative article.

What is Plan B?

Before we dive into whether or not Plan B will send you running to hug the toilet bowl, let’s first discuss what it actually is. In case you didn’t know (which would be surprising), Plan B is an emergency contraceptive pill that contains levonorgestrel – a hormone commonly used in regular birth control pills.

Being an emergency contraceptive means that it can help reduce your risk of pregnancy if taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex or failed contraception methods such as a broken condom or missed oral contraceptive pill(s). It works by stopping ovulation from occurring which reduces fertilization thereby reducing pregnancy chances.

Levonorgestrel helps thicken cervical mucus and slows down sperm movement making it more difficult for them to reach eggs and fertilize them thus preventing pregnancy risks substantially

Now that we are well-versed on what exactly Plan B is made of, let’s move onto one burning question!

Does Taking P‌lan B Make You Feel S‌ick ?

The short answer here would be no – taking plan b might bring some mild temporary discomfort most especially stomach cramps accompanied with nausea but generally all post-medication symptoms vanish within few days completely without causing long-term harm to health . This medication isn’t known for directly making anyone feel sick; rather than being nauseous after consuming it can stem from the medication’s intake settings such as under an empty stomach – in this case the pill’s side effects are more likely to be felt quicker.

However, not everyone is the same and different people react differently to medications depending on how their immune system functions especially if you’re allergic or sensitive to specific substances thus experiencing tingling sensations, swelling around eyes / mouth areas, nausea,dizziness.

Any severe symptom should warrant immediate medical attention from licensed health physicians; for minor symptoms avoid scary web diagnoses! S‌o a good rule of thumb when it comes to Plan B: prepare your body with taking food prior consuming it – this will help ease any stomach issues.

Now that we’ve cleared up any misconceptions about whether Plan B causes sickness let us deep dive into its upsides!

Pros Of Taking P‌lanB

Plan B isn’t just utilized for emergency purposes but also acts as core back- up contraception method thereby making users feel safer while sexually active since they have confidence that there’s something which can ultimately protect them from pregnancies risks caused by accidents .

It doesn’t require any appointment setting needed at clinics to acquire prescribed contraceptives and is readily available over-the-counter in most drugstores across countries globally which makes it very accessible even after-hours; Its efficacy rate stands between 80% – 90% wich indicates its high level potential of preventing pregnancies if consumed within stipulated periods before ovulation occurrs .

And here’s where things get interesting…

Crazily Weird Cons Of Taking P‌lanB

Every action has equal and opposite reaction so obviously every medication too has certain risks made known during development phases – nothing new there! However some less commonly shared information might baffle you. Here are just a few wacky cons associated with taking Plan B:

Acne Alert!

Some women have reported having gotten breakouts after utilization of plan b . This inherently seems counterproductive considering it’s consumed to prevent pregnancies that directly lead to hormonal changes in body, most of which would end up showing on skin. If you’re already keeping minimal or no make-up routines and happen to break out from taking Plan B thats just a weird icing on some crowded cake.

Gastrointestinal Disturbances

Since our stomachs are majorly sensitive when it comes down to hormones – this is where many side effects originate ; sometimes the pill can cause mild cramps for like 2-5 days . When bleeding starts, cramping might increase along with diarrhea feelings but only temporarily after which symptoms diminsh as menstrual cycle normalizes .

It Can Affect Ongoing Birth Control Method

Plan B × various contraception methods = tricky outcomes! Although being an emergency contraceptive itself, plan b shouldn’t be seen as regular back-up regardless of how effective and readily available it is over-the-counter because using regularly , wearing other contraceptives simultaneously may bring additional albeit unnecessary costs while messing up your bodily chemistry eg delayed periods or irregular menstruation cycles.

Keep these facts at heart next time you reach for Plan B (if that ever happens). And let’s move onto safety usage tips!

Safety First: Tips For Utilizing P‌lanB

As much as we’ve supported practicality and accessibilty in previous details regarding plan b doesn’t mean users do not need any precautions before utilizing it for intended purposes; Here are steps worth considering:

Be Responsible & Proactive While Using P‌lanB As Emergency Contraception Method Only.

Plan should never replace usage of regular birth control means. Being more active about consistent provision of safer sex practices could reduce chances accidentally needing plan b all together !

Take Proper Doses Only

Overdosing on medications is never recommended nor healthy so sticking through consumption instructions contained within package will definitely minimize risks by reducing dosage ,time frames well-spaced out.Last minute rush can really mess you up and end up causing malfunctioning hormones to further escalate any possible hormonal deregulated reactions .

Timing Matters

There’s a time limit for when plan b ought to be taken after unprotected sex; 72 hours remains the viable standard ,however, consuming prior expire deadlines might lead to – low functioning rate of medication activity . So always ensure you’re within the permitted time bracket before reaching out!

In Conclusion: Plan B Doesn’t Typically Make One Sick

That said in most cases its role as an emergency contraceptive option speaks louder since it enhances safer sex among sexually active people secondarily affirming independence women have over their reproductive rights.
While some temporary side effects exist as known facts for example mild cramping accompanied by onset symptoms like diarrhea too are often documented this article suggests it isn’t majorly experienced .

However body structures differ hence if there are any concerns over potential adverse then seeking professional medical consultation would be far more beneficial than relying on web diagnosis alone.

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