Does plan b affect your mood?

Picture this – it’s the morning after a very wild night, and you’re feeling a little off. Maybe there were too many drinks consumed or that stranger who you brought home was really not worth it. Whatever the reason, situations such as these can lead to one thought – “where is my emergency contraceptive?”

Plan B (levonorgestrel) is an over-the-counter medication used as an immediate backup method for birth control in case of emergency contraception failure or unprotected sex. However, one question that lingers after taking Plan B is whether it would affect your mood.

We’ve all been worried about how something we put in our body may alter our emotional state at some point. So if you’re someone who takes birth control but has concerns with its effects on your mental health, then keep reading.

What Is Plan B And How Does It Work?

Before diving into how exactly PlanB may impact your emotions let’s discuss what this pill is and what it does to prevent pregnancy.

PlanB contains only progesterone hormone and no estrogen-like other oral contraceptives- which works by delaying ovulation so sperm cannot fertilize released egg and a pregnancy cannot occur. That means more time before ovulation occurs , thus decreasing chances of sperm meeting up with eggs

In Technical terms, The drug binds itself with the same molecules responsible for signaling hormones related through menstruation- Luteinizing Hormones & Follicle-Stimulating Hormones . Doing so creates hormonal chaos resulting in confused signals being sent from pituitary glands which cause ovaries to cease ovulating i.e., Endometrium can’t shed off soon enough hence stopping conception prospects.

It should work 99% percent of times when taken within 72 hours since intercourse making it proven way out for women .

Can Taking Plan B Affect My Emotional Health?

Now that we’ve established what Plan B does, let’s get back to the main question—can this pill wreak havoc on our mental well-being?

A paper published in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic and Neonatal Nursing, confirms that hormonal emergency contraception “may cause or exacerbate mood swings.” This reaction is because levonorgestrel (the active ingredient) affects hormone levels.

Furthermore research focused on “Progesterone-only” pills like PlanB indicates , It directly interferes with neurotransmitter activity ie. Serotonin, dopamine thus may influence feelings of happiness and sadness .Thereby suggesting a possible link between levonorgestrel use and changes in mood .

It is therefore essential to understand how individual bodies process medications differently; every person responds differently when taking any medication. Thus it’s difficult to predict how someone might react from taking Plan B

What Other Side Effects Can I Expect From Taking The Pill?

As mentioned earlier , everyone has their unique response towards different kinds of drugs & other lifestyle factors affecting them . Nonetheless here are some listed common side effects one might expect –
– Nausea
– Fatigue
– Headaches
– Abdominal cramps
These symptoms usually subsides within a day but if they tend to occur even after please consult your gynecologist as an underlying condition cannot be ruled out

One thing most people worry about though post having plan b is that whether it would disrupt their regular menstrual cycle? Fear not for That is something very normal post consumption as these synthetic hormones signal your ovaries for delaying shedding off follicles thus prolonging menstruation by altering cycle dates by up-to 10 days..

If however there doesn’t seem much alteration within 10 days its advisable check with doctor too .

Will Hormonal Changes Be Permanent?

The answer is NO! Rest assured just like period bloating goes away similarly fluctuating emotions get stabilized once those hormones subside naturally.

As a matter of fact, levonorgestrel metabolizes pretty quickly through the liver hence eliminating from body within 2 days. Thus it cannot impact you indefinitely.

One can try incorporating essential oils or even taking supplements like magnesium for managing mood fluctuations although may not necessarily have related effects to plan B consumption


So does Plan B affect your mood? The answer is yes and no, depending on how each individual’s body processes medication-and many external factors might come into play as well.

However rest assure these side-effects would be temporary and one mustn’t stress over unnecessarily.. Weighing out a situation which leads to an emergency contraceptive , Mood alteration should be least of your worries!

But if any severe adverse symptoms occur post-consumption, reach out straight away to medical professional because health always comes first!

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