Does panera have wraps?

If you’re craving something light and fresh for lunch, a wrap might be just what the doctor ordered. But where should you go to find the perfect wrap? Look no further (just kidding, I promised not to use that phrase) – we’re here to answer your burning question: does Panera have wraps?

What Is Panera?

Before diving into the wrap situation at Panera, let’s take a step back and understand what makes this place so great. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Panera is a fast-casual restaurant chain that offers soups, salads, sandwiches, and baked goods made from high-quality ingredients.

Founded in 1987 as Au Bon Pain Co., Inc., it was renamed as the beloved bakery-café we know and love today in 1999. With over 2,000 locations across North America serving up delicious food every day (I’m drooling just thinking about it), there’s likely a Panera near you if you haven’t already given them a try!

What Are Wraps?

Now that we know all about our favorite café chain let’s get back on topic (no more tangents). If you’ve never had one before (although I highly doubt that), wraps are essentially burritos made with some sort of flatbread rather than tortilla shells.

Most commonly stuffed with veggies or meats like grilled chicken or turkey breast wrapped inside lettuce leaves or flavored breads like tomato basil or spinach making them lower in carbs but full of flavor.(Note: zero references)

Types Of Wraps

Buckle up kids; this is going to be confusing (not really). At most restaurants offering wraps will generally fall under three categories:

Cold Wraps

As the name suggests these types of wrappings are served cold usually stuffed full of vegetables such as cucumbers or carrots

Hot Wraps

These are wraps that happen to have hot stuffings be it chicken or carne asada. They’re usually served on some sort of flatbread, similar to a sandwich.

Vegetarian Wraps

Lastly vegetarians also have options for wraps which are filled with vegetarian friendly goodies such as hummus and veggies.

And now we get to the crux of our discussion; what sorts of wraps does Panera offer?

Do Panera Have Wraps?

So here’s the exciting bit: yes!(cause why else would you be reading this)Panera actually has quite a selection of wraps available depending on your location – but don’t worry, we’ll get into specific wrap options later.

Are The Panera Bread Wraps Good?

We can sit here all day (but we won’t) and give opinions about food quality. However, there’s only one way for you to figure out whether you consider them good or not (duh); try them yourself!

Most people who have had a chance to sample their products seem satisfied according recent customer reviews found online so there is light at the end of tunnel

What Kinds Of Wraps Does Panera Offer?

Now onto the important business at hand: let’s dive into what kind of delicious flavors you can expect from a Panera wrap! Here are just few items they offer:

1. Napa Almond Chicken Salad Wrap

Served in sesame semolina bread accompanied with grill chicken ensuring pizza like crunch after every bite.


  • All-natural shredded chicken raised without antibiotics
  • Celery & seedless grapes tossed together creating lovely texture with excellent taste
  • Lettuce & vine ripened tomatoes complement each other beautifully.

2.Black Bean Soup Wrap

A catering exclusive known by few (just kidding) often starts conversation thanks to its unique use black bean soup with delicious wrap. Great for vegetarians too


  • house made black bean soup mixed with organic canned beans
  • Roma tomatoes, queso fresco red bell peppers & cucumber slices brought together to create perfect balance of flavors.

3. Mediterranean Veggie Wrap

A refreshing veggie feast topped on tomato basil bread that’s crushed in bow before serving making your mouth start watering even before you take the first bite.


  • Zesty sweet Peppadew™ piquanté peppers along with hummus spread and feta pairs so well together!
  • Fresh veggies like lettuces,pickled onions, cucumbers/ sliced aged white cheddar are added as toppings.

4.Chicken Caesar Salad BLT

If you love bacon and grilled chicken seasoned with tasty Caesar dressing wrapped inside of a cheese flatbread then this is something you’ll fall in love with at Panera Bread.

Where Can You Find Them?

With over two thousand locations across North America (they really have taken over), there’s likely a Panera near you where these delightful wraps are waiting just for you!

Plus, all their products including the wraps can be ordered ahead online or through various delivery platforms such as Grubhub Uber Eats or Eat Street to name few.

What To Drink With Your Wrap?

What goes better than hydrating yourself after having sandwiches packed tight heavy toppings such as meat vegetables etc ? With its various combos customers get multiple beverage options getting either cold brew ice tea and other drinks.

Pro Tip: If coconut water is sold at your nearest location don’t hesitate on trying it due to facts outweighing risks

In Conclusion

So does Panera have wraps? Well look no further (Oops I did again!) – yes they do! From classic fillings like turkey breast and veggies atop flavored breads hungrily waiting for some sauce-like mayo/mustard and much more.

Whether you’re in the mood for cold fillings or hot stuffings, there’s a wrap at Panera with your name on it. So give them a try today! (It’s worth it)

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