Does panadol cold and flu make you sleepy?

Ah, the common cold. It’s that time of year again where everyone you know is sniffing, coughing, and blowing their noses like a symphony orchestra gone rogue. One minute you’re feeling fine and dandy, and the next moment your throat starts to resemble sandpaper while your sinuses feel like they’re about to burst open.

But what do we normally do when this happens? We turn to medicines such as Panadol Cold and Flu for some relief. But wait… does taking Panadol Cold and Flu makes us sleepy too? Inquiring minds want to know! Let’s dig into this curious case.

What is Panadol Cold and Flu?

Before we dive any further, let’s get an idea of what exactly Panadol Cold flu entails. The medicine contains two active ingredients namely paracetamol (more commonly known as acetaminophen) which helps with pain relief & fever reduction; Phenylephrine Hydrochloride – for congestion relief in nasal & sinus cavities respectively.

The drug comes in various forms like capsules, tablets or sachets depending on the user’s preference. Moreover it is not only handy but can be found easily in pharmacies throughout many countries worldwide.

What Makes Some Medicines Cause Drowsiness

Getting drowsy after consuming specific medications isn’t uncommon even if it might seem alarming sometimes. Although everyone reacts differently based on individual circumstances there are a few reasons why these side effects might arise:

  • Causes Depression Of Central Nervous System activities
  • Trace Elements Of Sedatives Used As Part Of Ingredients For Medicine Production.
  • Alcohol Interaction With Certain Drugs.

Can Taking Panadol Cold And Flu Cause Drowsiness?

In simple terms no (note:unless one takes larger than recommended doses). However, unlike physical effects from long term use of pain relievers panadols mainly have symptoms from overdose experienced if someone consumes the drug in smaller intervals such as every 4 hours when it is recommended to be taken in a span of 6-8 hours at least.

Some users might feel tired or drowsy after taking Panadol Cold and Flu, but that could be an individual interpretation. Brief naps have perks too so perhaps one who takes a tablet accidentally before a meeting may not have too much damage control doing with colleagues dozing off themselves!

So, What Causes Drowsiness After Taking Certain Medicines?

Although we mentioned some reasons earlier on for this symptom arising let’s get deeper into how paracetamol affects our nervous system. Generally when panadol (paracetamol) enters your body it goes through that usual process where it dissolves into liquids & mixes with various components (basically biochemical reactions).

After that happens, those components make their way into neurotransmitters; chemical messengers responsible for transmitting signals from one nerve cell to another during communication within our central nervous system(CNS).

When these chemicals are available they can inhibit the release of prostaglandins which mostly promote inflammation – causing things like fever/pain reduction/easing blood flow etc.

Though in excess amounts beyond normal doses other side effects such as liver damage come up due to metabolization changes carried out by hepatic cells.

How To Prevent Side Effects Arising From Panadol

While overdosing should never be used as self treatment since everyone’s immune system functions differently it helps to know common mistakes people make while using panadols:

1. Wrong Dosage Usage Frequency

Not keeping track of time between dosages is easily done sometimes hence easy problem! Recommended guidelines on instructions from package label serve vital information – simple logic!

2. Unrelated Allergies

These affect most medications including pain relief drugs; someone who has known allergies say for example peanuts must consult doctor and be mindful which forms of medicine to use.

3. Mixing With Other Medications

Digestion in our body is a crucial process since effects set off there but before taking panadols one should check with their physician if any other medications are in use; especially antidepressants, sedatives etc

Should You Last Gasp The Solution? (Conclusion)

So does Panadol Cold and Flu make you sleepy? Absolutely not! Unless you overdose yourself or mistake the pill for Ambien as they look quite similar, thus it will simply act like any medication affecting congestion by clearing up sinuses thereby a little relaxation could ensue temporarily.

However, as always ensuring correct usage frequency/dosage & checking out medical conditions that might interact with pain relief drugs ensures better long term co-existence where everyone can keep sniffles at bay while maintaining productive work days.

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