Does ovacare stop periods?

If you’re a woman that experiences painful periods, irregular bleeding or the premenstrual syndrome, (a condition characterized by mood swings, bloating and acne), then you are not alone. Research shows that about 80% of all women report experiencing at least one of these symptoms each month.

As a result, women have been searching for ways to minimize or stop their periods so they can go through life without any discomfort. A popular solution is using ovacare – a supplement commonly used by women who are trying to get pregnant.

But does ovacare really stop periods? Can this dietary supplement help alleviate menstrual pain and make PMS more manageable? Let’s dive in and find out!

What is Ovacare?

Ovacare is a brand name for a type of dietary supplement designed for women who experience infertility issues i.e., difficulty conceiving due to lack of eggs/multi-cystic ovaries. The product consists of vitamins such as B6, folic acid (B9) and other minerals like iron sulfate & calcium citrate-malate in small amounts intended to support overall health especially when trying/planning pregnancy (or struggling with PCOS) . In theory, these nutrients are meant to improve egg quality and promote fertility outcomes.

It’s kind of like throwing fertiliser on your garden bed!

How does it work?

The idea behind ovacare supplements is based on scientific research which shows some forms deficiencies in Vitamin D3 specifically may impact fertility potential adversely, though there seems little relationship between the two. By providing essential micronutrients necessary for hormone regulation during follicular development/ovulation cycle alongwith keeping homogeneity among bodily electrolytes , it could help balance hormones better allowing them regulate monthly cycles more effectively while also promoting healthier reproductive organs .

Although regular consumption doesn’t lead directly toward ceasing/reducing periods altogether (or work as substitute for birth control methods), it has shown to enhance overall health – reducing menstrual pains, cramping and/or other premenstrual symptoms in some people.


It’s important to note that Ovacare is NOT a period blocking medication! Merely helps your body mostly by boosting overall reproductive system functioning allowing for improved fertility.

How frequently and how much does one take?

Ovacare can be taken once daily with or after mealtime.There is no ‘optimal’ dosage prescribed for all users however, most instructions advise taking 1 or 2 tablets per day depending on individual needs & nutritional status being advised by a doctor/dietician before starting the supplement i.e., If you suspect any form of allergy/illness related to ingredients in product please do not use without consultation from qualified professionals.

According to medical experts, ovacare does not stop periods since it doesn’t affect core mechanisms involved in natural monthly continues but rather may help regulate them better . In actuality, using hormonal contraceptive like Birth-control pills are only reliable way of quelling/monthly bleeding completely while others might have inconsistent effects at best.Brands such as Lybrel continuously releases hormones which could theoretically reduce instances of spotting/breakthrough bleeding entirely if consistently used over time but still no guarantees .

While there’s limited data showing that women using the ovacare supplement also experience fewer PMS-related pain issues/regular flows, this is different than stopping periods outright. However , For those looking for additional remedies/information try things like Magnesium supplements chocolate/similar treats helping release endorphins which often ease discomfort around cycle times. Other alternative treatments include stress reduction techniques such as yoga & meditation which promote balance well-being throughout month-to-month transition..


In conclusion- though many products get advertised as miracle cures for anything that ails you, ovacare is not one of them. While it won’t directly stop periods or replace other forms of birth control,it can complement the use of such methods and provide some benefits like reduced menstrual cramps and/or bloating possible from Nutrient deficiencies.

It’s crucial to discuss all supplements with your medical professional before starting any supplement regiment especially if already on prescription drugs/medical treatment/supplementing with too much iron could cause toxicity in some cases . As long as it is used correctly alongside appropriate interval measures (and isn’t mistaken for solely treating unrelated issues) then there may be some beneficial impact(s).

Remember: maintaining good health through diet/lifestyle changes plays has valuable role in overall wellbeing preventing deficiency-based disorders at bay ultimately!

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