Does neosporin help pimples?

Pimples are a plague that practically everyone has had to deal with. They appear overnight seemingly out of nowhere, and their life span is usually more than twice as long as our short-lived relationships. The internet is full of varying opinions, home remedies, tips and tricks on how to get rid of pimples fast! One such option being thrown around in the beauty community is using Neosporin for pimples.

So, what’s all this fuss about Neosporin treating acne? And does it actually work?

What Is Neosporin?

Before jumping into whether or not Neosporin can help fight pesky breakouts; let’s first understand what exactly is “Neosporin.”

Neosporin, commonly known as Triple Antibiotic Ointment (TAO), consists of three types of antibiotics: bacitracin zinc, neomycin sulfate, and polymyxins B sulfate; which are combined in a petroleum jelly base.

It’s technically an over-the-counter antibiotic topical medication primarily used to prevent minor cuts and wounds from getting infected by working directly on the skin bacteria.

Now you might be wondering why people think it could also treat acne. Well, that comes down to its basic structure – because it helps heal small cuts without scarring or discoloration significantly if applied regularly for a couple days.

But before we jump into conclusions let’s discuss some details about pimples!

What Causes Pimples?

According to dermatologists universally accepted research shows there isn’t just one reason your face may suffer from those pesky little bumps. However here are five common factors:

  1. Hormonal changes during puberty or menstruation.
  2. Excess sebum production
  3. Dirt/oil buildup
  4. Genetics
    5.Excessive stress

These impurities can clog pores and cause inflammation resulting in a visible lesion on your skin. As tempting as it might be to pick or pop the pimple, this could cause more harm to your skin.

This is where Neosporin comes into play.

Can Neosporin Help With Pimples?

Now we have arrived at our ultimate question: does neosporin help pimples?

Well! Yes, and No – Here’s why:

Due to its antibiotic ingredients, using Neosporin can kill off any harmful bacteria on the pimple (If applied regularly) which helps keep them from appearing redder and inflamed. However that being said pimples are not caused by just acne-causing bacteria; therefore, treating one aspect of an underlying complexity may not suffice for maximum treatment results!

Additionally – Using too much of TAO over time has been related to developing resistance causing infection control medications’ effectiveness in some cases directly leading to drug resistance even if you don’t overuse it its purpose shouldn’t shift towards treating acne.

But Wait!! Hear me out there are still other ways you can incorporate neosporin while fighting those nasty breakouts.

  1. Cystic Acne Treatment: While applying ice cubes should always work wonders when dealing with cystic acne apply neomycin sulfate found within triple-action ointments such as NEOSPORIN.

  2. Preventing Irritation Scarring: As mentioned earlier scars due to picking unnoticed infections pose as threats post-treatment preventing this scaring/irritation is another reason NEOSPORIN works well paired with wound healing qualities if applied intermittently it could result in faster fading marks significantly on stubborn spots.

  3. Spot-Treat Usually larger sized zits tend to have pus-filled structures forcing us into almost obsessively touching it leading to infection! Spot treating those areas with a tinge of Ointment will help reduce pus buildup giving them the enough surface area needed for drying.

Note: It’s essential not to slather TAO over your entire face, as that could end up leading to an imbalance in good bacterias needs varying individually patient wise.

Therefore it’s best to stick with small spot-treating methods, and even then using Neosporin is merely one part of any successful acne-fighting routine. Remember getting clear skin requires discipline and patience so don’t lay back on bed chowing down chocolates while waiting for the magic bullet solution that would erase all blemishes overnight because it won’t happen…unless you’re willing to give some sacrifices!


In conclusion, there isn’t sufficient data available on whether Triple-Antibiotic ointments like Dermatologists’ favored NEOSPORIN are effective at fighting pimples regularly. Hence neosporins use should be limited; also let’s not forget that different individuals skin types respond differently hence consulting dermatologists before applying triple-antibiotics always helps weighing benefits alongside side effects looking into more practical solutions without instilling unrealistic expectations based solely on online tips and tricks limits wasting money/time plus maintaining healthy vibrant skincare goals…or whenever in doubt do gaslight Facebook bloggers preaching Instagram skinned flawless faces having celebrated their friendship anniversary just once (Self-reference)

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