Does multiple myeloma cause weight loss?

When it comes to multiple myeloma, many questions will come to your mind. One such question is whether multiple myeloma causes weight loss or not? Well folks, you are in the right place as we take a deep dive into this topic with our trademark blend of humor and informative insights!

A brief overview of Multiple Myeloma

Before answering the big question at hand, let’s have a quick refresher on what we mean by ‘Multiple Myeloma’. It’s essentially a type of cancer that occurs in plasma cells – white blood cells found in bone marrow. This cancer is also known as Kahler’s disease after its discoverer Otto Kahler back in 1889.

Fun Fact: Since then scientists have learned more than enough about MM thanks to modern research techniques- ie they didn’t still think that smoking cigarettes was good for you!

The primary function of plasma cells is to develop antibodies (proteins) which protects us from infections caused by bacteria and viruses primarily. In multiple myeloma cases these cool dudes turn rogue; they start multiplying uncontrollably leading to bone destructions including weaker bones aka osteoporosis along with lytic lesions eventually leading to anemia and kidney failure.

So now you know why it isn’t really desirable having Multiple Myelomas juggling around your system like humming tops while posing as plasma-cells! But hey we aren’t here solely for biology lessons so moving forward…)

FAQs: Is weight loss a common symptom for patients diagnosed with Multiple Myelomas?

Short answer:

Yes! While there isn’t always clear evidence linking the two conditions together beyond significant anecdotal evidence among doctors treating patients, few studies carried out over time shows consistent results stating MM causes waste loss via different active factors inside human bodies.

Long-winded answer:

Unfortunately one cannot pin down exact specifics between MM existence alone and weight loss without considering intermingling factors such as chemotherapy, adrenal diabetes or kidney problems among others.

But here are some interesting pointers to keep in mind if you’re suffering from uncharacteristic and hard to explain weightloss:

  • An article study published in the Journal of Oncology reviews shows that a convincing number of patients diagnosed with multiple myeloma always had rapid weight loss due to reduced food intake, excessive energy consumption or both while experiencing this illness.
  • Some other significant factors can lead up towards variation is based on; prior status of the patient, aggressive symptoms caused by Multiple Myelomas in bones (which then leads over burnage), stress levels etc.

The details behind how Multiple Myelomas might cause Unwanted Weight Loss

There is much research yet to be implemented regarding MM’s direct relationship with unwarranted loss of mass! However since no one’s really given us guidelines we’ll go ahead and theorize away.

Most physicians believe there could potentially be different reasons why people struggling with MM can experience unintentional reduction in body weight. These include but are not limited too:

Two important hormonal triggers: Serotonin & Leptin hormone!

->Serotonin hormone && Multiple Myeloma

The production level& behavior of serotonin – aka “happy juice”-which usually works as an anti-stress agent inside our bodies could influence indirectly when it comes down to appetite satisfaction means-not feeling cravings excessively-any normal person would feel know which most critically affected patients would lose.

During treatment for multiple myeloma- it won’t surprise you that these hormones get impacted easily; elevations mainly occur during high dosages consumed via corticosteroid medication causing depression along which also causes malaise syndrome i.e making someone totally physically exhausted without any real physical exertion taking place thus crimping your willingness (!)to consume even passable amount nutrients needed.

Fun Fact: More often than not there’s a high likelihood of Corticosteroids being one of the treatment selections in use for treating Multiple Myelomas. This is, however, dependent on different factors such as age and according to various conditions present in patients or the stage at which their illness stands… who said science was easy!)

Additionally since its action could easily replicate overgrowth behavior of multiple myeloma cancer cells once multiplied enough inside human body. This causes them to start going against your muscle mass & adipose tissues making weight loss more prominent.

-> Leptin Hormone && MM

You know that feeling you get when you’re just super full? Well what if we told ALL THAT makes sense because our bodies naturally produces sufficient amounts of “Leptin hormone^”? For those among us who haven’t really caught up with what leptin does , it basically releases hormones within your body which regulate energy levels (think ‘thermostat’ style) rendering process so that nobody ends up either gaining/losing extreme amounts.

However,’Multiple myeloma-cancer’, hinders such essential processes by bringing physical alteration changes: the actual generation level for this hormone plummets suddenly ultimately reducing appetite controls beyond anything natural- something nobody would desire especially someone already struggling with an agonizing ailment give how dietary deprivation would cause similar effects.

The low percentages connecting surface Ig restriction plus fatality risks while simultaneously struggling from MM-based immunodeficiency caused by chronic cell activity triggers-up; for instance cytokines tumour necrosis factor alpha etc—all render patient disinterested towards food.


So there we have it folks – straight and simple…ish! While unexplained weight loss can be quite common due to numerous health conditions including certain cancers means they are a common response, Multiplie mylomas definitely shouldn’t be overlooked if fitness goals fail normally even after finding no other infection related reason behind malnourishment.The possibility of weight loss due to a combination of direct and indirect factors – such as the discussed Corticosteroids& Leptin hormone- certainly exists.

Our conclusion for anyone dealing with multiple myeloma is thus:

Remain vigilant in not only managing your main illness but also coordinating with healthcare providers to keep watch on any sudden changes on your health status especially fluctuations over Body Mass Index(BMI)!
Who knew that those pesky hormones could have so much sway! But knowledge is power, folks. Use it well.

So remember: stay informed, stay happy & most importantly… Be Well!

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