Does methylated spirit enhance hair growth?

Are you tired of struggling with hair that refuses to grow, no matter what expensive products you use or weird concoctions you try? Well, look no further than your nearest hardware store! That’s right-some people swear by methylated spirit as a magical solution for baldness and slow-growing hair. But is there any science to back up these claims? And more importantly, is it safe? We’ve done our research (in a totally unbiased way) to answer all your burning questions.

What even IS methylated spirit?

Before we delve into whether or not methylated spirit can give us luscious locks, let’s clear up what this mysterious substance even is. Methylated spirit-formally known as denatured alcohol-is essentially just ethanol (the same type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages), mixed with additional chemicals like methanol and/or dye. Why would anyone mess around with such an otherwise delightful liquid, you ask? Because the added ingredients make it poisonous and undrinkable-which makes it more useful for things like cleaning wounds and fueling camping stoves.

Where did this hair growth idea come from?

So how did someone stumble upon the brilliant idea of slathering their scalp in high-proof rubbing alcohol in the name of better hair growth? As with many folk remedies, there doesn’t seem to be one definitive sourceless rootto exactly where this theory came from. It may have started simply because some people noticed their head felt tingly after using/marinating themselves in methyl spirits-and assumed that meant something positive was happening regarding their hair follicles.

Others believe that the logic behind why this works has something to do with a process called vasodilation-i.e., when blood vessels expand/widen which can cause increased blood flow/flow rate etc…and therefore supposedly stimulate those sleepy-hair follicles into growing more vigorously.

Is there any truth to the idea of methylated spirit hair growth?

Now for what you really want to know: is there actually any scientific evidence that using methyl spirits can do anything at all for your hair growth progress? Unfortunately, the answeris a big fat nope. While it’s true that applying a small amount of alcohol or another antiseptic substance like iodine could potentially help keep bacteria away from pores/hair follicles, it won’t necessarily make those hairs grow faster or thicker-much less re-grow previously lost follicles.

So while it may feel tingly and pleasant in the moment, using this tactic constantly over time would probably end up doing nothing but drying out/scarring/burning/damaging one’s poor scalp.Methanol (one common ingredient in denatured alcohol) is toxic when ingested through skin absorption so ya’ll shouldn’t be going soaking your heads/eyes etc…in such potions unless directed by whatever medical practitioner/specialist has recommended such treatments.

Could rubbing alcohol cause more harm than good in terms of hair balls

But hey! What if we ignore all the nay-saying scientists and give metho-hair a try anyway? How much damage could pouring an industrial solvent on our scalps really do, right?? Wrong,basically everything backpaddled onto itself here – let us explain how bad this idea road goes:

  • It may strip away natural oils which are key masks needed forproper lubrication thus causing brittle ends/tangles altogether.
  • If used too frequently/big quantities harsh perfumes used causes sufficient burning sensation followed by overly dryness on ‘headtop’.
  • Also,Talk about flammable y’all…if you’re hoping to generate some coolhair-growth-fueled pyrotechnics,methylated spirits are definitely not something to mess around.and I’m not implying this – It’s simple physics.People havestarted prepping gasoline mixed with Methylated spirits while roasting

The Conclusion

So there you have it, ladies and gents: the verdict is in, and methylated spirit is not going to be your magical secret weapon for building Rapunzel-like locks. Sure, it may make your head feel a little frisson-ey-but that feeling isn’t indicative of any hair growth miracle happening underneath the surface. So before you go raiding the camping gear aisle of Home Depot on some advice from aunty Sareen or Mr.sammy- think twice about what you are aboabtputting on yourself,and consult a professional – like that one friend who truly #beautygoals has/had enviable tresses instead.

Do I personally (or rather AIly) recommend slapping antiseptics such as meths (and other flammable liquids) onto your scalp?
Abso-lutely do not

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