Does metamucil 14 day cleanse work?

Are you tired of feeling bloated, sluggish and just generally yucky? Have you heard about the magical powers of a Metamucil 14 day cleanse but aren’t sure if it actually works or is just another fad diet with no real benefits? Well look no further my friends, because I’m here to give you the honest scoop on whether or not this cleanse is worth trying.

What even is Metamucil?

Before we can dive into whether or not the 14 day cleanse actually works, let’s get a clear understanding of what exactly Metamucil is. Essentially, it’s a fiber supplement that comes in both pill and powder form. According to their website (which I totally didn’t use for research purposes…), it “contains psyllium husk which forms a gel when mixed with liquid.” This gel then helps move waste through your digestive system more efficiently and can lead to less bloating and constipation.

How does this all tie into the 14 day cleanse?

So, basically what happens during this two week period is that you replace two meals per day with specially formulated shakes containing Metamucil. The idea behind this is that by significantly reducing your calorie intake (each shake only has around 100 calories) while still getting necessary nutrients and fiber from the supplement, your body will enter into ‘cleansing mode.’ This means that it will start breaking down stored fat in order to fuel itself throughout the day.

Sounds great right?

Welllll hold on there hoss- before you go stocking up on those shakes let’s take a closer look at some potential drawbacks.

Side effects

While many people don’t experience any negative side effects from using Metamucil products according to Mayo Clinic, some people may experience gas, bloating or diarrhea. Not exactly desirable outcomes if you’re trying to feel healthier and more comfortable in your body.

Limited nutritional benefits

Another potential issue with the 14 day cleanse is that while it may help you lose weight, it doesn’t offer a ton of actual nutrition. Yes, the shakes do contain fiber which is important for overall digestive health but they also lack other vital nutrients such as protein and healthy fats which should be part of a well rounded diet.

So…does it actually work?

It’s tough to say for sure whether or not the Metamucil 14 day cleanse will work for everyone since each person’s body is different yada yada blah blah science. However, based on reviews from websites like Amazon where people have purchased and used the product themselves, it seems that while some people see positive results others don’t really notice much of anything at all.

The good

Those who did see changes generally reported less bloating, feeling ‘cleaner’ inside their bodies (whatever that means) and an increase in regular bowel movements.

The not so good

On the flip side though were accounts from customers who experienced absolutely zero change or even worse- negative side effects like stomach cramps and nausea.

Final thoughts:

So here we are at last- time to make a final judgement call on whether this 14 day cleanse is worth your time/money (the cost varies depending on where you purchase but expect around $30-$40). Personally I think like most things in life there isn’t really a clear cut answer when it comes to something like this. Some folks might find that this program gives them just what they needed-a jump start towards better habits- whereas others will find themselves disappointed by little benefit received despite participating fully(see possible physical discomfort earlier).

But hey, to each their own

If going on a 14 day cleanse with Metamucil shakes brings you joy and helps you achieve your health goals then great! On the other hand, if like me just hearing the word ‘cleanse’ makes you want to crawl under a rock- there are plenty of other ways to improve your overall wellness. Regardless though of what methods we choose, let’s all raise a glass (of water!)to taking good care of ourselves- one sip/protein shake at a time.

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