Does mederma scar gel work on stretch marks?

Stretch marks, those pesky little tiger stripes that appear when the skin is stretched to its limit. They can cause a lot of distress and anxiety for many people, especially when it comes to showing off some skin during the summer months. Enter Mederma scar gel – this product claims to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks over time by diminishing their visibility.

But does it really work?

In this article, we’ll explore what causes stretch marks in the first place and whether or not Mederma has proven effective in reducing their appearance. We’ll also look at other remedies available for getting rid of these stubborn streaks!

What Causes Stretch Marks?

Before discussing how to treat stretch marks, one must understand why they occur.

Stretch marks typically emerge on areas of the body where there is significant weight gain or loss over a short period such as pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss due to various reasons like stress or medical conditions

When your body grows quickly beyond its means (hello puberty!) superficial layers of your skin call out begging “Stop!”. But if growth doesn’t slow down then these grooves along with increasing size develops into those wicked looking scars: stretchmarks – It’s just plain harsh man!

Our Skins are elastic which allows them to grow but sometimes facts do set up that “bad mood”. Intrinsic factors such as age and genetics play a role; Hence whatever you do our rugged looks were pre-decided even before we existed!

The bottom line? If you’ve experienced fluctuations in body size through either hormonal changes,pregnancy etc., chances are good that you may have developed stretch marks.

How Does Mederma Work On Stretch Marks?

Mederma works by promoting wound healing while also reducing inflammation causing smoother lighter colored layer thus deemphasizing the stubborn streaks visible making only the skin appear to be “it’s old self again”. It contains allantoin, onion extract and hyaluronic acid which have a positive effect on healing the wounds due to their high hydration levels alongside with ability to strengthen your natural collagen fibers needed for that fresh look

The ingredients are specifically chosen knowing what would unite them in this purpose … an aesthetic beautiful looking baby like soft tightness against these stretch marks when applied judiciously or SO IT SAYS!

Is Mederma Effective on Stretch Marks?

After researching online reviews we can say with certainty it works “most of the time”. In fact they as well suggest whenever possible- Apply it ASAP! (ASAP being immediately after scar formation)

No remedy is going work for everyone since every individual skin type differs – so honestly results will vary. However, most people reported seeing significant changes over several months of consistent application once weekly.

We can gather two conclusions from such research:

1) First up – Mederma DOES help in jumpstarting reduction process BUT has its limitations

2) Second conclusion- People have been fumbling about trying every method present but none REVERSEs fully

So should you buy into investing in this product? Well,it boils down mostly with practical evaluation: Where do You belong?! ARE YOU READY FOR THE TEST?!

Good! If yes, read below:

How Should You Use Mederma Gel On Stretch Marks?

While each manufacturer may have specific instructions for use here’s how I apply mine properly:

1.Heed their direction!
2.Apply only small amounts initially until you get a sense of exactly how much covers a certain area.

3.Two times daily minimum schedule following either bathing hygiene ritual.

4.Consistent usage coupled with healthy lifestyle practices aid obtaining success faster than spoon feeding yourself pills

5.Application periods and consistency are crucial factors!

6.Spread out using gentle massages onto areas suffering from the scars or to be more specific Onto Stretchmark areas!

  1. Apply on already healed caused stretch marks at least twice daily

  2. Avoid any stretching movements above treated area.

Also, as expected please understand how important consistency is here for attaining any effective results.

Furthermore NOT RECOMMENDED would be going overboard with this application practice in hopes of shaving off years of older uneven streaks it simply isn’t possible!

Other Alternatives To Mederma Gel

If you’re hesitant about trying out Mederma gel, there are a few other tried and true natural remedies to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks:

Aloe Vera: an all-natural burn healer that has also been found effective in reducing certain types of scarring such as those dreaded markings

Coconut Oil: Very beneficial component regularly touted by many industry experts due its moisture locking properties ENSURING skin elasticity maintaining smooth firm look – It’s recommended ALOT as household item because even consumption components lend themselves improving health benefits beyond just physical appearance based elements.

Retinol-based creams: Often used both preventive measure and treatment plan typically prescribed dermatologists

However we advise caution when utilizing over-the-counter items blindly without consulting your physician due some contraindications.

Again after examining several reviews most advocated for applying these topical remedies along with massaging them aggressively so no fear rubbing will not sabotage towards achieving optimum scarring-limited outcomes!.

Are Laser Treatments Effective?

Zap Zap Zap. Can you hear the sound? In recent times technological advancements have offered a new solution which actually became quite popularized laser therapy
which can greatly improve damage done via surgical means.

This method uses heat energy damages cells but does not harm surrounding healthy tissue allowing expedited cell replacement cycles leading hopeful scar reduction rates soon!
The success rate definitely raises heads higher than just oiling up messily with coconut oil/butter or using herbal remedies thus changing the game all over again.

Those looking for more immediate short-term reduction laser therapy could be what you choose – just evaluate price tags alongside other potential harmful effects… we advice “first do some research first”!


Stretch marks can’t always be avoided, but that doesn’t mean they need to drag down your self-esteem. If you’re interested in trying out Mederma scar gel seek AMA from physician nearby and go ahead if suggested exuberantly! Remember it has shown proven effectiveness with consistent use over time.

Moreover by taking preventive measures like massaging coconut oil into your skin before hitting puberty could work too 😉!.

Just keep in mind alternatives to Mederma gel are also available which may not have same exact effect so don’t count them out completely!

In conclusion this process is PHYSICAL let me remind you once more; stay positive throughout the healing process remains healthy while giving impossible-to-REMOVE stripes THEIR lifeline upon reflection of how wonderful we were created unique yet a part of society 🤩

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