Does mederma scar cream really work?

Are you tired of seeing that stubborn scar on your skin? Is it affecting your self-confidence and making you feel insecure in public? Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. But, with the availability of numerous scar removal creams, it can be quite overwhelming to choose the right product.

One such cream that claims to reduce scars is the Mederma Scar Cream. So, does this cream work as advertised? In this article, we will find out.

Understanding Scars

Before we explore whether Mederma works or not, let’s get a bit technical and understand what scars are all about.

Scarring occurs when an injury penetrates below the surface of your skin such that new collagen fibers form layers over damaged tissue resulting from wounds or surgeries.

And voila! You now have a permanent mark on your body!

What is Mederma Scar Cream?

So what exactly is Mederma Scar Cream, anyway?

Well, according to their website: “Mederma products visibly reduce acne scarring, surgery scars, stretch marks.”

Results based on clinical trials – Dermatologist Recommended Brand for Scars”

Sounds promising doesn’t it?!

How Does It Work?

Now down to the nitty-gritty! According to Merz Pharmaceuticals (the manufacturers), Mederma functions by using:

  • Onion Extract,
  • Cepalin,

These ingredients are retained in a proprietary onion extract gel-substance known as cepalin.It contains properties which soften & smooth rough textured scar tissues while simultaneously reducing redness caused by inflammation

While most customers see progress after 4 weeks of daily application onto clean dry skin,major changes could take between six months achieving optimal results

Although some studies indicate poor efficiency rates,others say its efficiency levels soar as high 89%.Personally,I can’t attest because I am too chicken for injuries…

Regardless,in this endless pursuit of beauty there must be merit to applying creams onto one’s skin.

The Pros & Cons

As with any product, Mederma has its pros and cons:


  • Safe for all skin types: One of the significant benefits is that this scar cream isn’t detrimental to use with normal or sensitive skin.
  • Accelerates healing process: Mederma claims it will reduce scars within four weeks of daily application. A confidence building stat as who wants to wait around forever for a worthwhile outcome?
  • Clinically proven success rate: Both clinical trials and testimonials prove positive results in reducing acne scarring and surgery scars after usage.


  • Some customers report no results at all: 50% (or more) people do not see noticeable improvements after two months.
  • Can break out some users’ skin “Mederma Acne”- but limited cases
  • Not effective on severe/old hyper-pigmentation

Additionally, medicated ointments are best used under medical supervision especially among pregnant women ,following surgeries, cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy etc.

Do keep all this mind!

How To Use mederma?

The directions indicated by the packaging indicate that you should apply a thin layer onto clean,dry scarred surfaces,three times per day til full absorption into your pores or maximum upto three months.

Here are some tips when using Mederma Scar Cream:

  • Apply during incognito hours if possible : If you’ll be getting exposed in bright sunlight wear protective clothing like long sleeved shirts,hats sunglasses etc!

This would spare your eyes from harsh sunrays while concealing patches containing the products(Because imagine walking around sporting cobwebs across your face.The Horror!)

Also trying avoiding perspiration activities such as gymming until the cream dries off; sweat can reduce effectiveness levels

  • Avoid irritating fragrance-infused hygiene products ; Fragranced products can conflict with the medication hence should be avoided to prevent any unnecessary negative reactions.

  • Use Mild Soaps: Rinse off your skin from moisture and apply gentle soaps,avoid harsh exfoliants of coarse towers.

Does it really work?

Here’s what we’ve discovered regarding its effectiveness rates

Customer Reviews:

Reading reviews is one way to know if a product actually works as advertised. We have scoured the internet searching for truthful customer feedback on Mederma Scar Cream.

Looking at positive customer feedbacks in alignment with clinical studies- it’s very possible that mederma does actually do wonders after all

However there are quite a few unhappy campers who claim they saw no real differences even after months of regular use…

So it appears that this scar cream may not be too effective for fact some customers reported oily patches forming around treatment areas!. Unpredictable though right? This standard efficacy percentage maintains about eighty-nine percent success rate with casual users.

When assessing whether or not this cream would work better combined with other treatments,I choose to take Merz Pharmaceuticals company’s word: Combining other medications like creams,ointments etc could lead complications especially in cases where topical corticosteroids come into play!

One optimistic thing implied by these varied testimonies is tremendous hope amid huge expectations (not unusual during an age-fixated era).You see,deep scars caused trauma under epidermal layers which are unlikely healed completely barely days.That being said,Mederma has been shown to gradually soften rough texture (which could cause peeling/wrinkling) making hyper-pigmentation appear less conspicuous.

Whether or not you trust third-party endorsements,Nobody ever said healing was easy!And Medermas’ results might make all the difference-beauty takes effort if nothing else!


After our analysis based on information extracted from online searches and regular usage patterns among various samples ,we can declare that it is possible for the Mederma Scar Cream to reduce scars in some individuals,however we will not speculate with absolute certainty whether or not it shows immediate improvement.Not everyone’s skin type/makeup react to mitigation efforts consistently.The process takes time and commitment from the user before one can make real conclusions regarding its true efficiency rate.

Well, there you have it folks. The truth about Mederma Scar Cream!

I hope this comical yet informative article has put your mind at ease! Remember if all else fails,you could always accept your uniqueness (scars nd ALL)and appreciate yourself just as you are!

It may be way cooler than looking like a genetic mutated know?!

And finally,I’ll leave you with something I spotted on social media:

“Scars remind us where WE come FROM.They do not dictate WHERE WE ARE going!”

Till next time,

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