Does match milk replacer?

It’s as simple as that. Doe’s Match is the only 25% protein, 28% fat, kid milk replacer with the patented Architect Formulation System, the same unique carbohydrate technology used in the original LAND O LAKES Cow’s Match Calf Growth Formula.

Are there any advantages to using milk replacer? Discussion of whey protein prices, alternative proteins, cost comparisons, and considerations for feeding waste milk. Since its introduction in the 1950s, one of the major advantages to feeding milk replacer has been a reduced cost compared to feeding whole, salable milk.

Which is the best milk replacer for goats? LAND O LAKES ® Doe’s Match ® Kid Milk Replacer is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your kid goat and deliver full potential nutrition for optimum production later in life. Feeding LAND O LAKES ® Doe’s Match ® Kid Milk Replacer provides optimal nutrition for bonus, orphan, weak, or small kid goats.

Which is the best Calf milk replacer for cows? Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Solutions is your partner to help your young animals reach their full potential. A calf’s gut is the first line of defense against health challenges. LAND O LAKES ® Cow’s Match and Amplifier ® Max calf milk replacers, along with LAND O LAKES ® Calf Insure ®, include probiotics to support a healthy gut.

How much does a bag of milk replacer cost? It also provides the cost for 50 pounds of milk solids for each feed. The value reported here for whole milk can be used for a “quick and dirty” comparison to the cost of a bag of milk replacer. For example, if the value for whole milk is $62, then if milk replacer exceeds $62 per bag, whole milk is a more economical feed.

What are the benefits of calf milk replacer?

What are the benefits of calf milk replacer? Both systems have advantages: one focuses upon the limitation of illness transmission, the subsidiary upon the calves’ immunity. The health status and optional postscript specific farm aspects determine what is best for individual farms. A compound of calf milk replacer and colostrum or 100 percent calf milk replacer directly.

What do you need to know about milk replacer? For milk replacer, the cost and weight per bag, the nutrient content (dry matter, crude protein, and fat), and the weight of powder fed to calves are entered. Dry matter content of milk replacer should be listed on the bag, but if not a value of 95% can be assumed.

Why is milk replacer more expensive than dry matter? Notice that the value for milk replacer in this section is higher than the actual cost per bag. This is because the dry matter content is less than 100%. The final cost calculation is the daily cost per calf, which considers the amount fed in addition to the cost. Several comparisons of the nutritional content of feeds are provided as well.

Is it safe to use antibiotics in milk replacer? It should be recognized that in one report the use of antibiotics in milk replacer was associated with a decreased risk of infection with C. parvum in preweaning dairy calves,39 even though cryptosporidia are not directly susceptible to antibiotics.