Does looking at screens make your eyes worse?

Are you the kind of person who spends all day staring at a screen? Well, join the club! Welcome to the world where screens dominate our life. We’re talking about your smartphone, tablet, computer or that giant TV right in front of your eyes. It’s practically impossible to do anything these days without needing at least one of those devilish displays.

However (and this is a biggie), there are always those naysayers who claim that we’re all damaging our vision each time we fire up whatever devices it takes to get us through the day (sigh). So what’s really going on here and should we be worried?

What’s the Dealio

First things first, let’s put some scaremongering myths out there straight; LCD monitors won’t make you go blind (phew!). However – while they obviously aren’t going to kill any optic nerves – looking at screens for extended periods can certainly cause eye discomfort and even strain.

This happens because when people look at digital ‘stuff’, like emails or social media updates and more- their blink rate decreases from an average BPM(beats per minute) of around 20 times per minute down to just five/six times per minute- which means our eyes dry out faster than July lawns in LA which may lead soreness

Also keep in mind that ‘near work’-in general term-used mostly repetitive tasks taking place somewhere between reading distance(one finger length away) up till arms’ reach-is known as one form causing myopia/straining(Owww again!).

So yeah…. Beware!

The Science Bit

The medical term for issues caused by prolonged close-up use is Computer Vision Syndrome (‘CVS,’ aka otherwise known occupational overuse syndrome.) K-computer savvy employers know it sure has its own hashtag (#Hacksenseofhumour)

Some of the symptoms are:. Red or dry eyes (caused by lack of blinking); sometimes also leading to headaches, blurred vision (yikes), and an overall weariness/over-fatigued feeling in your whole face- which can make you feel like a dead fish’s lookalike.

Not fun.

But all is not lost. There are ways to help reduce screen-induced stress that’ll go a long way.

Lets turn it around with….The Solutions

Here are some ideas on how to stave off bad effects:

Look Away: The 20-20-20 Rule

Take breaks and give eyes muscles themselves to relax once in a while; One popular method among researchers recommend the “20-20-20” rule – take a break every 20 minutes for at least 10 feet away from any type digital screens/screens altogether(fair play…you gotta change channels sooner than later!!).

It works since it gives your focusing-muscles as well pupils time enough just chill out..

Blink More Often: Wink Wink

Blink early! (Badumtss). Like we’ve mentioned earlier, staring at screens lead people blink less—so by using conscious effort, aim for more blinks during computer sessions; It’ll keep their tear ducts lubricated so they remain fresh.

Let there be Light…and filters!

Natural sunlight–something everyone needs plenty of–>trying have office job working hours can potentially limit possibilities getting sun properly-daytime between approx.1p.m.-3p.m.(we won’t tell anyone otherwise!)..window boxes-can much benefit either.Fill up filter lamps emulate perfect lighting for indoor environment where fluorescents are overwhelming bright or underwhelming dim

Spectacles?: Not just Clark Kent’s fashion choice

If staring at screens continues being part-time/full lifestyle option-investing special glasses prescribed optometrist(who is not a villain, mind you);Really(and legally) can make life easier(much better than hearing your mum say you’re beautiful no matter what? Anyone? No?)

Finally…Your screen’s location

Make sure to adjust that bad-boy monitor placement elsewhere-to decrease eye squint time.

Place the monitor length away enough; Five inches below/near-average eye level. Unfortunately from here-forward its S-O-L as we couldn’t think anymore puns!


The truth of it all is staring at screens isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.-like them aren’t aware already!!
That being said, because technology isn’t going away anytime soon either, nor are our jobs and lives revolving around it for that matter(Dang darnit) , the best course of action (see how much smarter I sound when saying “course of action” before recommending pointers?? 😉) is by adjusting daily routine/applying habits-of-mind which reduce digital-screen stress so eyes don’t ache-or any kind discomfort hits in future since none has great expectations making those pain-slugs happy!!!!

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