Does levonorgestrel prevent implantation?

Levonorgestrel is primarily used as an emergency contraceptive medication to prevent pregnancy. Some people argue that levonorgestrel prevents implantation of a fertilized egg, while others claim that it only postpones ovulation. So what’s the truth? Does levonorgestrel really prevent implantation?

Understanding Levonorgestrel

Before we delve into our topic, let’s first understand what levonogestral actually is.

Levonorgestrel (pronounced le-voh-nor-jess-trul) is synthetic and one of the most common hormones used in various birth controls due to its high effectiveness rate of 99%. Its main function is suppressing ovulation by keeping an estrogen hormone called Follicle-Stimulating Hormone or Leutinizing Hormone from showing up which would stimulate the release of eggs from ovaries.

Apart for contraception purposes, doctors also use this drug to treat issues related to menstrual cycle such as heavy bleeding during periods and other hormonal imbalance situations.

The Controversy Surrounding Levonogrestal

Although widely accepted as a reliable method for preventing unplanned pregnacies, many have questioned whether consuming levonogrestal can lead to another concern – prevention of implantation.

According to some studies, there has been conjecture surrounding whether consumption leads creates hurdles in fertilized eggs attaching themselves their uterine wall upon reaching other end. Additionally some groups oppose all forms abortifacient medications on religious- ‘pro-life’ decry pills like these under category Embryo-murderers while others consider them just fine because it cannot be established conclusively if fetilization had already taken place.

However, with limited research activity consumed around studying effect resistance levels and changes but nevertheless doubtful ideas continue persist amongst a few advocates who rebuke pharmaceutical industries internationally boldly called makers of this drug as untrustworthy and culpable entities.

Fact Check: Does Levonorgestrel Prevent Implantation?

Now let’s get down to the essential question at hand – does levonogrestal really prevent implantation or is it just a myth?

The simple answer is – NO, it most likely doesn’t. Due to its mechanism of action of suppressing ovulation between 95-98%, there are very few chances that fertilization will occur in the first place, making implantation an afterthought.

As per research conducted by the American Society for Emergency Contraception, If an egg has already been released then levonorgestral can have no affect on fertilized eggs because the conception had occurred well up till 72 hours prior which was approximately when next menstruation cycle commenced.

Moreover experiments directed towards understanding levonogrestal effects indicate that implanted embryos may not be affected if pill consumption occurs inside first few days since intercourse whereas eventually instances have decreased probability overall anyway.

Therefore, it would be unreasonable to claim that levonorgestral leads to prevention of embryo-implantation..

Things You Need To Know Before Taking Levonogrestal

Levonogrestal is effective when taken within five days from unprotected sex activity but giving each dosage some thought before popping them might save you undesirable consequences later on.

  • Using this medication as regular birth control method won’t work out.
  • Will need another form of protection during rest remaining menstrual cycles occurring even use-such condom methods-during current one ensure full proof mechanism.
  • Can lead to irregular periods and mood swings
  • Might subside with time

Below we have listed various side-effects you could experience after ingesting a yellow pill called Plan-B –

Side Effect Probability
Nausea Common
Headache Less Common
Vomiting Rare
Stomach pain or cramping Very Rare

It is necessary to note that if normal menstruation cycle does not occur within three-week window period, it is advised contacting doctors promptly.

Final Thoughts

Levonogrestal is a miracle drug for many female contraception users providing peace of mind during those moments when things get out hand. Its effectiveness rate stands at an overwhelming 99% and remarkable high fertility rate that only aims toward preventing unplanned pregnancy rather than abortion procedures.

There are unfounded myths present around levonorgestral and implantation prevention claim most likely resulting from lack scientific knowledge but all our queries have been cleared up now! Remember, plan according to your menstrual cycles before taking Levonogesteral – It might just be the smart thing to do!