Does iud cause mood swings?

28+ Does Iud Cause Mood Swings. Depression, mood changes, and abnormal behavior– all are common side effects of long-term Mirena use. At any given point, 6.4% of all Mirena users are reported clinically depressed. Even though these side effects should go away after removing the IUD, many women still suffer complications,…

Why are hormonal IUDs cause mood swings and depression? Dr. Brighten concedes that there hasn’t been enough research in the space to fully understand why hormonal IUDs like Mirena can cause mood swings and depression, but there’s evidence to suggest that it comes down to progestin, the synthetic hormone found in many contraceptives.

Are there any side effects of having an IUD? However, the synthetic progestin hormone that the IUD emits, levonorgestrel, may cause mood swings and other mental health changes for some women. Some women have reported being concerned about anxiety or depression as a side effect of their IUD.

How does the Mirena IUD change your mood? How exactly the Mirena changes your mood, and how intensely you feel the change, depends on your unique body chemistry. Some women report feeling more even and stable while others report an increase in depression and anxiety, she says.

Can a copper IUD help with mood swings? However, copper IUDs are hormone free, so if you’re susceptible to mood swings or have concerns about depression, this may be a better option for you. Opting for non-hormonal birth control may be the best way to treat the mood swings you’ve been experiencing. Your doctor can help you pick the best option for you.