Does hand sanitizer burn your eyes?

Picture this: you’re applying hand sanitizer to your palms, and suddenly you feel a sharp burning sensation in your eyes. Oops, looks like you missed the target- or did you? In this article, we will dive deep into whether hand sanitizer can actually burn your eyes and what precautionary measures one should take.

The Eye-Catching Truth About Hand Sanitizer

First things first, let us decipher how hand sanitizers function. These alcohol-based solutions work by breaking down the protective layer of proteins that surround bacteria and viruses. However, when it comes to contact with delicate tissues such as those found in the eye area- where there’s no protective barrier- things may get dicey.

Why do people rub their hands near their face after using hand sanitizer?

It’s already become part of everyone’s routine – apply a blob of gel on hands then immediately rub them together making sure every inch is covered before getting on with your day-to-day activities without much regard for distance from places they might irritate our sensitive senses – but why do some folks have trouble controlling their new motions such as rubbing close enough towards the eyes causing discomfort?

When individuals fail to avoid touching areas around their faces post-sanitization processes (ahem mouths and noses), certain molecules are carried over onto these body parts which results in uncomfortable stinging sensations often experienced near eyeballs.

What causes irritation when hand sanitizing solution makes contact with open wounds or damaged skin?

On another note touch bases quickly ,hand sanitisers contain huge amounts of alcohol content combined alongside chemical agents powerful at destroying harmful microorganisms living under nails. Consequently; if these substances come into contact directly (without any barriers) onto chapped/injured skin parts one would experience similar scourge encountered during loss prevention-morning time shaving “cuts”.

How Safe Is To Have Contact With Eyes?

Numerous researches emphasise the importance of exercising caution around applying sanitizers in sensitive areas such as eyes, ears or nostrils. Ingesting alcohol-based hand sanitizer can lead to serious health issues(gulp). Although contact with microscopic spray droplets rebounding while rubbing gel onto hands may cause insignificant irritation, excessive and prolonged exposure can result in damage that might need medical attention(ohno!!) .

How long does it take for Eye Irritation to get Relief?

Suppose you find your self accidentally introducing hand sanitizing substances into your vulnerable tissues .The burning sensation is usually temporary and subdued by washing out with water however instances where chemical agents attached harmfully one’s cornea be on alert & immediately seek professional assistance.

Ways To Protect Your Sensitive Areas While Using Hand Sanitizer

Avoid Applying Near Eyes

Foremost rule; avoid direct contact between sight organs& hand substance.Dumbfounding …but people manage to pull off even after being warned countless times

Protective Masks on Kids

For children we recommend using child-friendly soap disinfectants which come supervised / instructional video and always wear rubber/latex gloves(PPE) when dealing with young kids who tend lack restraint!!

Use Hand Sanitizer Less Frequently

Although regular usage is paramount currently especially during a pandemic period, remember abstinence makes the heart grow fonder! If possible opt instead for washrooms containing antibacterial soaps unless it’s impractical – cases like travelling through busy places or handling money calling for use of portable sanitisers.

When Is It okay To Apply Around Inner Nose Area?

Use discretion sensibly:In case only option available includes using antiviral rub(or there’s nothing other viable alternative),wipe around outer surface openings keeping hands near mouth & nose area far away at all times coupled up wearing masks(e.g. surgical maskN95 etc.)

Nobody wants dry scaliness around their delicate eye regions.Its essential Maintain correct practice recommend washing the eye area with sterile solution if there has been an accidental exposure before, during or right after applying hand sanitizers


It’s a catch22 situation;While Hand sanitizer is excellent in disinfecting and sterilizing our hands, it is equally challenging at times to control every single application when rough & tumble everyday occurrences unsettle routines. To minimise risks of uncomfortable stinging we advocate on regular use and maintenance for protective gears by individuals who work directly handling commercial grade rubs& anti-bacterial gels in public spaces while heightened caution relates to overly used small portable units.

Our advice: exercise vigilance around vulnerable areas especially eyes.Take care folks!

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