Does hair removal cream work on long hair?

Are you tired of shaving every day and dealing with those pesky ingrown hairs that are more annoying than a Kardashian tweet? Well, look no further because today we’re talking about using hair removal cream to get rid of unwanted body hair. But the real question is, does it actually work on long hair? Let’s dive in!

Understanding Hair Removal Cream

Before we answer whether or not depilatory creams (AKA “hairy fairy”) can tackle longer hairs, let’s first understand how this wizardry works.

Generally, these jellies contain chemicals that dissolve your roots to weaken them until they break apart from your precious pores’ love… but it mostly just means we smell like medicated cupcakes for hours after applying—don’t act like I’m alone here!

Gliding over your skin conveniently via finger painting techniques (yes indeed paint brushes need not apply), the most common ingredients used in developing these victorious potions include sulfur and calcium thioglycolate. These sound fancy—and toxic—but they’re designed solely to penetrate keratin protein – found within skin cells–without having any impact whatsoever on our delicate epidermis.

When applied topically as instructed by “Miss Sally” at Walgreen’s (all hail her salesmanship); sit back relax and wait for a minimum of five minutes before wiping away with a thick washcloth or included handy dandy tool provided inside box (usually plastic spatula). Voila! No razor burn, wax pain,…or freaking out trying forget why Sally was so insistent glass slippers would complete my new cute dress purchase last week.

Caveat: Not Designed For Long Hairs

In essence though; the question still remains…does it remove longer strands? So what’s the verdict then?

Truth be told- sorry Charlie – Although some advertisements claim they are capable of removing hair up to a certain length, the optimum is typically 1/4 inch. (Which also begs question- how do they figure out they’re only  ‘qualifications’??) The cream becomes less effective with longer hairs due to the application process involved.

Think about it! If you apply too much lotion on your skin, it has less time to sink in and work its magic properly. Results may prove as disappointing as asking for fries from McDonald’s drive-thru during breakfast hours… I know what I’m talking about here people because we’ve all been there. In other words: just don’t!

Exceptions To The Rule

Hold onto those tissues though since now that we’ve discussed the gloom DOOM little voice inside our heads spews; weight loss commercials have nothing on this article thanks very much!

While normally this method doesn’t approve if one were say – sporting jungle attire(please God NOO!), but thankfully some companies produce specific creams designedwith stronger chemicals which are capable of defeating any unwanted patches of fur you may be experiencing.

Salient verbiage such as “meant for coarse hair” or “meticulously formulated” usually around logos decorating tubes should hypnotize us effectively tempting us into choosing euphoria and acceptance toward company claims -at least temporarily…

Note however that despite manufacturer promises—longer hair removal always carries more risk when using any chemical cosmetics– check instructions first OKAY? Although faster than traditional methods like waxing or threading(ouch) —quickly following safety guidelines will guarantee end result leaves minimal burning instead simply providing contentment at no longer resembling Cousin ITT.

Benefits Of Using A Hair Removal Cream

Let’s take a look at some advantages of using depilatory creams compared to traditional methods:

  • Pain-free
  • Quick
  • No risk of cuts or nicks
  • Lasts longer than shaving

Overall, with not much effort, lotion that brings a comfortable finish and the benefits of longer gaps between removals – We’ll take it!

After all – we always deserve some TLC; especially when performed via short term suffering with long-term comfort. So keep experimenting until you find what works best for your hair type.

In conclusion, while using hair removal cream on long hair may not be the most effective method out there, it’s still a pain-free alternative to consider. Just remember to follow instructions carefully and only use products designed for coarse or long hairs. And if anyone tells you that Smilkste from Venus can remove roots up to ten inches—just back away slowly without making eye contact– trust us on this one people!

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