Does gold bond help sunburn?

Ah, summertime. The time for endless hours spent basking in the sun, soaking up the rays and creating memories with loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes those happy summer memories can be dulled by the pain of a dreaded sunburn. We’ve all been there before – you’re just trying to have a good time outdoors when suddenly your skin feels like it’s on fire.

So what do you do? Pop some ibuprofen? Slather on some Aloe Vera? Or maybe reach for that trusty bottle of Gold Bond powder hiding out in the back of your bathroom cabinet. But wait- does gold bond actually help sunburn?

What is Gold Bond?

Before we dive into whether or not this famous product can save us from our fiery fate, let’s take a minute to go over exactly what’s inside that trusty yellow bottle.

Gold Bond is a brand of medicated body powders designed to help alleviate various types of discomfort such as itching, rashes and even sweaty feet! Their slogan “The Smell Of Relief” is enough to make anyone feel better already. However, relief from one ailment doesn’t always work for another…or does it?

Why Do I Get Sunburned?

You may be thinking – isn’t putting anything other than an After-sun lotion harmful since I’m suffering from my recent adverse reaction with harmful ultra violet rays? You’re right; covering burns with fragrance-filled products may cause more harm than doing nothing at all! So considering asking this question relieved such doubts –

Most people know they should avoid getting sunburned altogether but in case an accident happens – let’s break down why it happens:

  • UVA/UVB Rays
    • These are invisible solar rays emitted by sunlight
    • When these dangerous natural elements penetrate skin cells more rapidly than healthy cell regeneration occurs
      • In response, enzymatic reactions respond to this damage – noticeable by the skin turning red and inflamed
    • These reactions cause harm at a DNA level increasing your likelihood of developing cancer
  • Melanin
    • Is an element present in some individuals’ pigmentation protecting that individual against sunburns… up to a certain point.

Now that we know how any redness or discomfort happened let’s explore if Gold Bond can effectively reduce it.

What Does Gold Bond Contain?

Although there are several types of Gold Bond designed for specific concerns, their ingredients tend to have common consistencies since they all share antifungal /enamel properties:

  • Menthol – Provides anesthetic relief (Cooling effect)
  • Active Ingredients For Medicated Powder – Always check which type you’re purchasing:
    • Clotrimazole – treats fungal infections
    • Tinactin- provides snake-bite like relief for Athlete’s foot itching and other body fungi.

Take note here what these items are supposed use cases were listed as, with one even providing ‘Snake-Bite Like Relief,’ makes it hard not to query each.

However do they hold up to sunburn claims?

How Can Gold Bond Help Sunburn?​

Gold bond tends to feel cool against the skin when applied, making it a very appealing option when fighting off heat-related inflammation such as rashes, chafing and discoloration from perspiration. But is coolness enough?

Climate-wise solid dry solution has benefits shading warmth from within causing further damaging exposure after long hours baking your epidermis:

Tidbit: Don’t forget another cure-all product witch-hazel; using natural remedies instead is always going give less irritation anyway no matter what!

It creates a way for fresh air capable of reducing high temperatures where regular moisturizing agents trap moisture leading worse conditions.

While cooling effects may help relieve some initial symptoms – the more serious concern is finding adequate ways of ensuring your cells aren’t prone to further damage.

​Does Gold Bond Really Work Wonders For Sunburns?

​Here come the results you’ve been waiting for! Like anything else with so many diverse opinions it’s best to gather different viewpoints without including any vendors who would likely be biased.

On one end there are those that claim using powder as a way to absorb harmful and painful moisture from the infected area creates relief. Their theory is since constantly applying cold water can lead excessive wetness causing additional burns, utilizing non-liquid supplements will prevent this unhealthy cycle.
But on another camp, opinions differ stating an unmoisturized skin cell allowing temporary cooling while doing nothing in consequence.

It does not provide much benefit for long-term topical treatment leading recovery efforts lost:

Eventhough Gold bond products should not constitute primary source medication dealing with sunburned areas; instead as only part of Step One before moving onto more sensitive specific topicals after first aiding other common issues like inflammation and irritation.

The Verdict: Yes… And No

After extensive research we have concluded GOLD BOND Medicated Powder (with clotrimazole or Tinactin) can prove beneficial depending on severity degree of flareups require alleviating immediate-to-short term suffering through physical sensations affects such as its known cooling properties.

However if a burn hurts beyond surface level prompting needs beyond symptomatic comfortability, gold bond by itself isn’t the answer.

Your best bet? Avoiding getting burnt altogether or putting in place strong preventative measure = sunscreen & plenty available shade options!

While Zinc Oxide, Aloe Vera gel may seem like better solutions than shampoo-like substance… sometimes working what works remain most effective short term remedy regardless prehistoric logic!

Whether laying out at home / paradise beach resort always remember frequent breaks towards depleted fizzy drink coolers while keeping new tan lines in check, using Gold Bond as a top-up resource when absolutely needed!

Enjoy your summer – live long, prosper and lotion up!

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