Does glutamine help with weight loss?

Are you struggling to keep off those extra pounds? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. As much as we’d love for pizza and ice cream to solve our problems, it turns out that the secret to long-term weight loss is a lot less delicious – glutamine supplements. Before you roll your eyes, hear us out. In this article, we’ll break down exactly what glutamine is and how it can assist in slicing away the unwanted pounds.

What Is Glutamine?

To put it simply (though let’s be real – nothing about science is ever really simple), glutamine is an amino acid found in high-protein foods like meat and dairy products (so yes, sadly that includes cheese pizzas). It plays a key role in protein synthesis and cellular metabolism (just imagine little cells running around with their exercise gear on).

Glutamine has also become somewhat of a buzzword when it comes to fitness enthusiasts looking for an edge in their performance goals or recovery times after workouts. But more recently research has shown that this sweet supplement could potentially aid weight loss by boosting your metabolism when combined with other healthy habits.

The Science Behind Weight Loss

To understand how glutamine affects weight loss specifically, some basic knowledge of human biology must be applied. When individuals consume fewer calories than they burn throughout the day — hello dieting! –their bodies might begin breaking down muscle tissue for energy purposes….

….BUT WAIT!!! We don’t want muscles being wasted here- cue HULK music (This reminds us if hulk took one scoop of Gultimine pre-workout)!!!

Enter: Glutamine!

Studies have suggested consuming extra L-Glutaminetreats would stimulate growth hormones yet maintain muscle mass as part of hypo-caloric (hello people eating few calories!) regime!! It works by improving mTOR signaling, thus controlling protein synthesis and preventing muscle loss during weight loss. While everyone may have different weight loss goals, it can’t hurt to start incorporating this amino acid in a calorie-controlled diet.

How Glutamine Stimulates Metabolism

Another way glutamine has proven beneficial for weight loss is its ability to speed up the metabolism process. A healthy individual’s body naturally produces less L-Glutamine when under stress or dealing with an infection…NOT GOOD. Taking supplements will increase your glutamine levels whilst avoiding cortisol (stress hormone) from manifesting into fat stores throughout the day (we’d much rather see those excess energy sources get burned away in workouts!) Because of how it affects our digestive system, irregular cortisol spikes could cause acne manifestation too .

Though no overnight miracle cure exists for weight management (Nope! Not even Prancercise) adding glutamine as part of a balanced health regime has been shown to be effective over time. It acts as an additional boost towards not only losing some kilos but keeping them off long term.

Other Benefits that Come with Supplementing With Glutamine

Glutamine supplementation holds many possible benefits other than assisting in shedding unwanted pounds:

  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Boosts gut and immune functions
  • Prevents infections

So if you’re looking for multiple upsides through just one supplement then get add it to your daily routine !!

Let’s check out the table below summing all recent studies conducted on Rat🐀federation using Gltuimine:

Study Title Result
“Effectiveness of nutritional interventions on lean body mass accretion following skeletal trauma” significant increments found following surgical procedures resulting from taking around 0.3g of glutamin
“Cancer therapy-associated oral mucositis” found helpful effects when applied topically & taken orally to treat radiation-induced xerostomia & highlighted this as an alternative medicine
“Effect of oral glutamine administration on endothelial cell damage and regeneration” There was significant repair observed in the cells with guotine optimization

Be aware some studies have also drawn that there is potential augmentation of cancer growth.. although, there have been no such claims to support these discoveries.It is important to consult a doctor before beginning any dietary supplements.

While incorporating L-Glutamine into one’s daily diet might not directly burn away pesky fat over night. However, it has extremely promising benefits backed by research that can contribute towards maintaining weight long-term paired with aerobic exercise ✅!!!

Adding extra supplements like Gultuimine powder or capsules could be more convenient post-workout when mixed into your favourite drink ( would recommend green tea!) or meal course .So starting practicing good food choices 🥦🍰and healthy habits supported by additional supplementation boosts provided by Glutamine!

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