Does garlic pills reduce blood pressure?

Garlic lovers, rejoice! Word on the street is garlic pills might be a new contender in lowering blood pressure. We know what you’re thinking – garlic? Really? Isn’t that just something added for flavor (and to scare off vampires)? But don’t dismiss it just yet. Here’s everything you need to know about this smelly superfood and whether or not taking garlic pills can reduce your blood pressure.

The Secret Ingredient

First things first, let’s talk about what makes garlic so special. All hail allicin, the compound found in crushed fresh garlic which gives it its therapeutic properties. Allicin has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and may improve cardiovascular health by relaxing blood vessels and promoting proper circulation.

So, could popping a few pills actually give us these benefits without having to consume heaps of cloves with every meal?

The Research Says…

Well folks, the answer isn’t so cut and dried as powdered garlic flakes! Studies have been conducted on this topic since 2012, but results remain inconsistent depending on dosage levels and study groups.

A review article published by Hypertension found that 12 out of 21 clinical trials saw a significant decrease in peripheral systolic blood pressure after consuming doses ranging from 300mg-2400mg per day (but wait…there’s more!).

On the flip side however, meta-analyses crunched those numbers down pretty quickly when they found no statistical difference between raw clove consumption vs. control groups receiving placebos (gasp!) These analyses went one step further concluding existing scientific evidence was flawed due to inadequate sample sizes.

Who are we supposed to believe then?! It seems like some people swear by it while others say there’s no clear proof – kind of like trying olives for the first time.

During our research, we’ve stumbled upon true believers who have reported their systolic pressure dropping as much as 10 points after taking garlic supplements regularly. Meanwhile, other self-proclaimed guinea pigs are adamant that popping pills did absolutely nothing for their pressure nor social lives (Sorry allicin; you’re great but your odor is not).

Confused? Us too. But don’t throw in the towel or start stockpiling cloves just yet; there are a few reasons why studies might contradict each other.

So What Gives?

Although some studies claim to show no change when consuming garlic powder or extracts (ya know, those mysterious capsules), dosage issues may be at play here. You could consider upping the quantity ingested if you’re feeling adventurous and fearless of stinky breath (like myself). A review published in 2020 by Frontiers concluded this “(…) underlines the importance of dose levels and administration protocols” hence there’s hope.

Other factors that can make comparisons difficult include combining these trials with different populations with varying socioeconomic statuses – seriously, it’s enough to make our brains hurt more than eating raw garlic!

Maybe one day down the line “Garlic prescription only” stickers will grace pharmacy windows alongside usual vitamins labels- until then though?

Get Your Daily Dose

So where does this information leave us here on earth? While larger clinical trials need to be conducted before we can say yay or nay without doubt worth giving a try (Under doctor’s recommendation!) Here’s what you should know about incorporating garlic into your diet:

Raw Garlic:

Eating half a clove per day has been linked to reduced blood pressure in hypertensive patients without medication while seeing overall improvements cardiovascular health-wise.

Add fresh chopped cloves wherever possible – on top of salads , tossed into pasta dishes even blended along purple-leaning smoothies for breakfast time!

Tablets & Supplements

Make right choices according menu available, always consult MDs before consumption not to hinder other prescriptions given.
Garlic supplements come in different doses and forms. Garlic oil capsules are known for minimizing gastrointestinal discomfort associated with taking pills as well as providing higher doses per capsule (more is better right?)

Side effects to keep an eye out for include bad breath, indigestion ,nausea, vomiting or heartburn however if your blood pressure’s remaining high it might be worth weighing up pros vs cons.

It All Comes Down To You

If anything we have learned that keeping track of blood pressure scores can help pick out the best course towards controlling it with one’s individualistic health history considered . Picking garlic supplements? Heck yeah! Taking precautions like speaking with healthcare professionals beforehand and monitoring possible reactions – even better!

Ultimately though whether you buy into this new world fad within bathroom walls notorious for making some stomachs drop (“Ohh what a lovely bouquet!😂”), the real standout message here is: eating healthier ain’t all raw vegetables& tofu-water beverages.
You could do worse than attempting garlic intake every odd day- double points awarded when incorporating low-salt dietary ingredients within regimen.

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