Does frontline expire?

As with any medication, there is an expiration date for Frontline’s effectiveness. Generally speaking, it lasts about three years from the time of manufacture. This is not set in stone though and can vary based on environmental factors such as heat and humidity that affect how quickly medicines deteriorate.

Does Frontline Plus have an expiration date? Frontline Plus does not have an expiration date on the package because it is an EPA-regulated pesticide, not an FDA-regulated medication.

Does Frontline Plus for dogs ever expire? There is NO expiration on Frontline Plus for dogs. However the company does recommend storing at room temperature in the original sealed packaging.

How does frontline kill fleas? Frontline kills fleas and ticks on contact. It works by disrupting the central nervous system in insects and invertebrates (ticks are arachnids). The chemical stops the neurons in the insect’s brain from taking up chlorine, which causes an excess of neural activity that kills the parasite.

Can you use frontline? A flea and tick medication called Frontline has been successful in killing these pests at all stages of life. You can apply Frontline to cats and dogs to prevent or treat a flea infestation. Buy the correct type of Frontline. You can purchase Frontline at a pet store or your vet’s office.