Does fish oil do anything?

Are you wondering if fish oil is a magical elixir or just another snake oil that people are trying to sell you? Fear not, dear reader. I have embarked on a journey through the murky world of omega-3 fatty acids to determine if fish oil does anything at all.

What even is fish oil?

In its most basic form, fish oil comes from oily fish like salmon, tuna, and mackerel. It contains two important types of omega-3 fatty acids: EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These fancy words may be difficult to read out loud, but they do play an essential role in maintaining our health. Our body can only produce limited amounts of these types of fats on its own; therefore, we must get them from our diet or supplements like – you guessed it –fish oils.

So what does science say about taking Fish Oil Supplements?

There’s good news for anyone who has been gagging down spoonfuls of stinky liquid – numerous studies suggest that including omega-3 fatty acids in your diet helps support heart health by reducing inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation can cause damage to blood vessels over time which contribute/have links with heart diseases including hypertension(1), s cardiovascular events such as sudden cardiac arrest(Didn’t expect this now did ya?) enthusiastic nod . Additionally,’Omega 3’s from ALA specifically has been suggested as promising areas in preventing premature birth(2)I’m suggesting it here but don’t take my word for it wink wink check the article though(insertsmiley face hand using sarcasm)

But wait…there’s more! Studies show that DHA plays an integral role in brain function and may help prevent cognitive decline as we age(4). Omega-3 fatty acids have also shown promise in reducing depression and anxiety symptoms, with one study suggesting that supplementation may even be as effective as some prescription antidepressants(5). That’s BIG news. So if you’re wondering “does fish oil do anything,” it appears the answer is a big ol’ YES! It does quite a bit.

What about joint pain relief?

One of the most common reasons people take fish oil supplements is to reduce inflammation in their joints. While studies show that omega-3s can help reduce joint stiffness and discomfort, there’s conflicting evidence on whether it has significant benefits for folks who already have conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis(6).Better safe than sorry I suppose?

A 2018 study suggested that taking high doses of EPA (at least four grams per day) may provide pain relief for those with knee osteoarthritis.Whatever floats your boat(personal opinion). However, in comparison to other conventional treatments, scientists aren’t convinced just yet(7), so more research around this area isn’t definitive.

Does Fish Oil cause general ailment prevention?

Fish oils cannot prevent everything under the sun – but recent studies suggest they might decrease your risk of chronic illness like cancer(8) . This means by keeping inflammation at bay(Fancy word alert!), not only are you aiding heart disease too pal, but you might add cancer to the list of things +1 trend now going on(source please?). Too many perks huh.

Additionally/ Moreover / Furthermore (these all work technically) , several scientific tests link good levels of Omega-3s preventing hypertriglyceridemia(a mouthful to read) — A condition wherein there’s an excessive amount of fats floating through our bloodstreams related usually related come up hence its name. Experts say that heightened triglyceride levels located within our bodies might heighten/reduce cardiovascular health risks indicating how we need healthy levels of EPA and DHA fats which can be acquired through fish oils (Hello there, Omega-3s/my old friends).

Fish Oil – an overall Health supplement?

While the above benefits keep getting taller by the minute (Jeez who knew they did so much/ ), I want you to note how in most scientific research studies, folks have been taking high doses for extended periods. Therefore drawing such conclusions may not always apply to everyone especially if these supplements are maybe taken occasionally(9) Might as well start eating three jars at once huh? Disclaimer :- Not Really!!

However fret not my enthusiastic audience we’ve finally arrived at a point where it’s time to take out our thick accountant’s glasses(and pretend we know what figures mean sigh), now let’s talk about numbers.

A quick search for supplements online will show you thousands of products containing different dosages, potency levels, fancy packaging with pics of silver haired ladies doing ridiculous yoga poses on mountain tops(relation unclear though probably misplaced enthusiasm(Kidding)). What dose should YOU choose? Good question !

Experts recommend around approximately one gram per day (I said expert didn’t I). However, considering all types ain’t equal when in comes down to nutrient count ( is any associated product ever straightforward?), or bioavailability HOW MUCH can really make a difference too. Bioavailability which means ‘absorptive capacity’(Science Alert imitating WOWEE its like being able fly!!!) If you’re struggling too relate basically(bioavailable terms) = Absorbable Fats.

You’ll also find that Vegan friendly plant equivalents contain ALA however this omega-3 fatty acid isn’t utilized currently without conversion into EPA or DHA hence delivering a lower concentration compared with ones found within various oily fish sources – proceed accordingly 🐠😄!

Research shows omega-3 from flaxseed oil may be beneficial for people who eat little-to-no meat. inserts small victory dance(10)check out that study

The Bottom Line – Do I Need to Take Fish Oil Daily?

Whether you need to take a fish oil supplement every day depends on several things, such as your diet and any health issues you’re dealing with presently. However most experts suggest it is worth consuming omega-3 fatty acids due to widespread in our meals diets or present-day eating habits.

If you are serious about adding this fat type into your daily routine, consult your doctor of course ! And again do some more research online ideally(With the writer side note:Make sure whatever website/source page article links you check has valid scientifically proven sources , not quackery).

While there’s no definitive answer regarding optimal dosages of Omega 3s yet (ugh!), taking modest doses regularly’s probably better than gnawing down an entire school-of-fish sized bottle once a year(I mean imagine buying one at that size–yikes!). So rather than lookin like goldfish by cramming them whole id highly recommend sticking putting decent-sized supplements inside ma belleh instead 😀

Final Thoughts

Thus the eternal question “does fish oil really do anything”? Again with certainty (and going through my skribbling) yes it does! Especially when considering potential medical issues; Think why they even recommended cod liver oil back in ‘them good ol days'(History throwback), well until folks realized how much Vitamin A was actually within those bottles(funny fellow took innumerable trips around earth haha).

As studies indicate its useful towards maintaining overall heart health since its contains DHA and EPA fatty acids; Additionally the element works wonders against inflammation which can result thru everyday scenarios hence improving general joint muscle ache while other published articles have suggested benefits for expecting mothers(and their babies given that doc okayed it ahead!)

So then why the reluctance? (Probably due to health supplement myths, but I won’t get into that right now). On a parting note for you fitness enthusiasts/super active folks and avid gym goers – this particular nutritional substance is essential even to your post-workout recovery; well how bout that huh?(Thought id slip one last surprise over there)

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