Does finasteride lose effectiveness?


Finasteride is used to shrink an enlarged prostate in adult men. It may be used alone or taken in combination with other medications to reduce symptoms of BPH and may also reduce the need for surgery.

can lose effectiveness over time and the reasons lie in what Dan26 said above. As much as I’d like to be able to give you a solid indication of how effective the treatment would be, that simply isn’t possible.

What happens when you stop taking finasteride? The following are results of stopping the intake of Finasteride: The hair will fall off again as the growth was depending on Finasteride. You will be as bald as you were before starting the medication. The prostate will enlarge again just as it was before the treatment began.

When should I take finasteride? Take finasteride exactly as your doctor tells you to. Take one 5 mg tablet each day. You can take the tablet either before or after a meal, but try to take it at the same time of day each day. This will help you to remember to take your doses regularly.

How long before finasteride starts working? Finasteride (marketed as Propecia) starts to work right away however, it might take up to 3 months to see less hair loss. In order to see any visual effects such as the thickening and strengthening of miniaturized hairs, it takes up to 6-12 months.

Is finasteride the right hair loss remedy for You? Finasteride 1mg tablets (brand name Propecia) are used for the treatment of male pattern baldness – also called androgenetic alopecia. Finasteride is indicated for hair loss in MEN only. Significant increases in hair count at both 6 and 12 months have been reported in men treated with finasteride 1mg tablets (an average increase of 107 hairs when compared to placebo [pretend pill] after 12 months).

Will side effects stop after quitting finasteride?

Will side effects stop after quitting finasteride? If you’ve experienced side effects from finasteride — including sexual dysfunction, breast tenderness and rashes — in most cases, they will stop once you stop taking it. This is documented in most studies of finasteride’s side effect profile.

What should I avoid while taking finasteride? What should I avoid while taking finasteride? Finasteride can cause dizziness, so you should avoid standing too quickly. Women and children should avoid taking finasteride, and they should also avoid even casual contact with it. This drug is for men only.

What are the risks and dangers of finasteride? Finasteride may cause common side effects such as abnormal ejaculation or impotence. An overdose of finasteride may cause complications like difficulty breathing, loss of consciousness, or a seizure. An overdose of the drug may also cause an allergic reaction.

Should I continue taking finasteride? Continue to take finasteride even if you feel well. Do not stop taking finasteride without talking to your doctor. If you are taking finasteride to treat male pattern hair loss, it may take at least 3 months before you see any improvement because hair loss and growth happen slowly over time.